Devastator Strike Force

A force of first age dragon kings who are sword to the The Tyrant Queen. At Scar’s request, she has put them under the command of Tepet Horus.

The current members are:
Sharpbeak: A petrok warrior and the leader of the group. He is cunning and tactically brilliant. (7)
Warmrock: An Anklock warrior and second in command. He is kind and a capable martial artist. (10)
Fathom: A Mosock warrior. He is a brutal and short tempered grunt, but a master with arms. (9)
Deeprunner: A Raptock technician and skilled at ranged combat. (8)
Sky Breaker:A Raptock and the most reclusive. Purported to be a sorceress. (8)

Gear: Currently all wear Obsidian Sheath and more all have artifact weapons.

Size: 1 (1 attack and damage; +1 magnitude; +1 soak)
Drill: Elite (
2 command rolls; 2 Defense)
Might: 3 (
3 attack and damage; +2 Defense)
Magnitude: The average health track of the unit is 9 (8.4 rounded up).

Devastator Strike Force

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