Solars Wake

Renshu's Recollection - A Pact is Made

Current State of Rathess – Ancient ruined city; comparable to Lookshy in size. East and West running gate. Entire city aligned with the sun. Giant circle, divided into 8 sections. 7 out of 8 are designed for beings larger than humans. City was originally the Dragon King. Dinosaur men claim ownership of the city, however largely outnumbered. One section flooded. Dome of astrology area is somewhat restored. Jungle around has been cleared for about 20 miles out. Lots of water-wood manses are giant trees dropping fruit; some stone manses as well.

Out the West gate, a white road starts, lanterns every so often. Goal is to go to 100 Kingdoms, and then to Nexus. Magic food and artifacts are primary exports.

Former arena converted to a shipyard

Been helping Mahato, the forge-master in Rathess. Production is insanely efficient.

A tiny lizard person, with a high-browed upholding, named Steve invites us to dinner, atop the Pyramid of the Sun. There are about 30 individuals heading up the pyramid. All seem to be an Exalted, an essence wielder, or a dragon king. Sitting with the only other Solars.

Rothah Kinsogo (Chris) – Giant. Tribal look. Somewhat jolly?
Vin Bahlis (Dan) – Dressed finely, with no outward weapons/armor. Very handsom. 30s. Silver hair with wisps of blue and green.
Tepet Horus (Jarret) – Gorgeous man. Mannerism of nobility, but poorly dressed. A bit shorter. Young.
Porfirio Pichon (Luc) – Early 20s. Athletic/honed. Scruffy. Artifact buff jacket/sky cutter.

All others seem to be purposefully shunning/ignoring in an unobvious way to allow us Solars to converse with ourselves; it appears we’re a full circle.

Two hours into the feast, a cruiser-class airship comes to the top of pyramid, and a massive figure, who seems to be a tattooed lunar, in full battle regalia, and wearing his war form, who seems to be a giant bear-man – Restive Glacier. Another man steps off with a bow seeming to be made of bone and sinew – Valis. Then a young man with very long beard/hair and robes – Bjorn. Then, an adolescent with black orichalum armor and daiclave – Roland. Then, a man with skin so dark it’s nearly red; no hair, with red jade armor, and black short daiclave on his back – Scar. Finally, a man in orange orichalm armor with blue hair and blue beard, with tanned skin – Bahn.

The blue-haired man welcomes all, and welcomes the newcomers (us). He states that the new circle will help the city of Rathess grow and prosper. We’re invited to the front, and those who stepped off of the airship display that they are a full circle. They wish for us to create a true circle to help Rathess by forming a second circle. If we form a circle, we will be given reign far and wide to act on behalf of Rathess. As we seemed confused, the blue hair states that he’ll allow Bjorn to explain.

The robed figure states that a circle is a sacred bond. An ideal circle has a member from every caste of the sun. A full circle has the skills/abilities to take on any challenge that Creation can present. A state blessed by heaven, and honored by Rathess. We are then told to put our hands together in the center. We are then told to repeat the words: I sweat to help my circle mates through trial and test. To help them grow and prosper and become better. I swear to serve Rathess to the best of my abilities, and return Creation to the guiding light of the Unconquered Sun.

Tepet seems resclusive to state the pledge, and blue-hair states that the solars have no place in the world. Bald man in red asked what happened in the First age: solars went mad, and dragon blooded took over. If a solar is linked in a circle, that will protect them from the madness. Tepet states that he wasn’t ready to be conscripted to Rathess. Red armor clears out the rest of the the party so we could discuss the actual reasons the serving of Rathess was put in.

Bull of the North has a partial circle of two other solars, some barbarian tribes and Halta, went to war with the realm and decimated the Teppet regions. They attempted to unite their efforts with Bull of the North, however he didn’t want any other Solars to help rule Creation. The thin top-knot guy comes in, and states that this is their home, and while there are many things they wish to do, such as decimate Thorns, they don’t know us, and worry about those who may destroy them from behind.



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