Solars Wake

Renshu's Recollection - Slumber No Longer

Over the next couple of days, we discussed and deliberated our intentions and find Daysong gathering breakfast with us lets us know that Scar is returning soon. We split apart and go about different tasks.

I spend a good amount of time working through Mahato’s list. Eventually, Porfirio arrives and speaks to Mahato about getting salt for containing ghosts, and receives a requisition. We bring the salt down outside the door to the Stasis chamber. I head to the Enginorium to assist with tasks while waiting for the rest of the circle to arrive. While working through Enginorium tasks, Vin arrives and begins asking Nomak about music leading ghosts away from by playing the /snarlbang/. We head down to the statis chamber, and Vin explains the concept of an exorcism.

As we arrive to the stasis chamber, we hear machinery, and Porfirio has circled his location in salt, and the stasis chambers began opening. Vin confronts Horus, and Horus states that there was not much in the way of options. I send a guard to tell Nomak that power will be fully restored to the Enginorium within an hour, and dragon kings will awaken soon. Darrish Six-claws manifests to thank Horus, and then yells “Deathguard!” With that, all of the expired dragon kings form up along the aisle. Darrish Six-claws states that once the thawing process completes, Ice Mind would be able to be disconnected. Porfirio runs up to tell Gom, and rushes back.

After enough time, the pods finally allow some of the individuals to wake, and the first to do so is the earth-aspected dragon blooded. An Imperial, named Nelan Testar, appears stating that he received notification from a member of the Lotus that something has been happening.

A massive anklok awakens, asks the year, and begins attempting to awaken the other dragon kings. Vin introduces the circle to the anklok, who introduces himself as Stonebreaker, commander of her Majesty’s army – in life, and in death. He’s told that the Solars and the Dragon King rule Rathess, and then speaks to Horus and greets him as a friend would. He refers to Horus as Mihat. As the dragon blooded awaken and appear defeated, however Vin brings Nelan to the conversation, and he reassures them that Rathess has become a home for dragon-blooded.

All of the dragon kings kneel, and all of us, except for Porfirio. Stonebreaker is obviously miffed, and takes a mouse from his armor. The mouse begins transforming into a woman with a weapon that appears to mirror Warsong. She sees that Porfirio is not kneeling, and glares at him.

She speaks, “So times have change. The disease has passed, though it lingers in pockets. But Solars walk the earth again.” She then asks the dragon-blooded if they will honor their oath. Each of them state that they will honor it. She then goes to Stonebreaker, honoring his service for protecting her for all the years. She then goes to Darrish Six-claws, paying him honor for being the first to give his life. As she mentioned “Serve in Death, serve in life”, and the death guard respond in kind. She then asks Ice Mind if he fulfilled his tasks, when confirms, she allows him to return to his previous functions.

Finally, she comes to our circle, and looks at Horus, and asks if he’s Mihat. He states that Mihat’s essence has been reincarnated, and the Unconquered Sun led him to this place, with the only path being to free her. She states that Battle Cry has been long without its mate, as she draws her weapon. She seems to not fully trust Horus, however he explains that he will soon have the blade. He states that he will get the daiclave back and leaves.

The Tyrant Queen touches the automaton, and it begins repairing itself, and then the queen and her procession begins to follow. I await Ice Mind to lower itself to be able to disconnect it. I head to the Enginorium with Ice Mind.

Renshu's Recollection - Souls of Steel

As the doors to the stasis room close, we discuss our next plans. We set up a patrol to guard the area, and I head to the Enginorium while the others head to the other Solars to determine anything regarding the Temple of Mihat and the Tyrant Queen.

At the Enginorium, I speak with Nomak, and explain what we encountered within the stasis room, explaining that the entire room seems to be serving the Tyrant Queen, and that I wished to study the Enginorium to determine if we can find where power may be going to power that stasis pod.

We learn that there’s a fail-safe, when 100 pods remain, all will come to, and the doors will open. It also seems that the conduits to the stasis room was failing, as the Engionrium itself was providing enough power. It also seems that Ice Mind used to run the Enginorium, and has been fully removed to run the stasis room.

Horus and Rothah enter the enginorium, and state that the other circle knew of the Tyrant Queen rumor, and that if Scar was to know about the statis room that only he is supposed to open, he will take it for himself (it’s believed that he’s an incarnation of Mihat). Gom seems to think that we overall need to take this very seriously. Finally, we have to decide if we want to deal with this ourselves, or we conveign the other solar circle and bring them into the fold. They ask for my vote.

Mohato comes into the room, with a few people following him. Nomak moves over to him and they argue, while the others continue to move about their work. Rothah moves over to mediate. Mohato is provides a very passionate claim that he needs to be down here in order to provide the artifacts the city needs to continue generating for the commerce of Rathess. I’m brought over to help bridge the gap between the two. Rothah eventually has enough, and states that Mohato has to leave; I walk with Mohato a while and inform him that I’ll do what I can to keep the artificers going.

I abstain from the vote put before me in notifying the other circle. Tepet and Rothah move to find Porfirio, and then we head back to the stasis chamber to attempt to see if we had missed something. As the door opens, Porfirio moves to smash the stasis chamber of Darrish Six-claw, however Rothah stops him. Ice Mind confirms our exultation, and we discuss with him. Tepus inspects the area around the fallen automaton, and calls us over. Porifrio mentions that the entire room is made out of Soulsteel – the theories of Soulsteel are: It’s made from ghosts, and their souls are bound into the material, and thus manifests in the metal. No one is currently aware on how one can forge Soulsteel.

Darrish Six-claw, steps down, and states that he will speak for us; Ice Mind is able to channel the voice of the spirit. We learn that the Tyrant Queen is a Lunar exalted. We learn that the terrestrial circle came here to hunt her, but made an agreement with the Tyrant Queen that both her and the circle would enter slumber, and when she awoke, they would follow her. We learn that she is within a stasis pod within this chamber. The Tyrant Queen was sworn to the blade Warsong. We learn the passphrase to open all activate all stasis cells is “Warsong calls”.

Renshu's Recollection - Dormant Dragon Kings

After seven days, of studying, we enter the Enginorium and begin to open and clean up the Enginorium.

The Dragon Kings allow me to attune the Enginorium to myself, and then socket it into my firewand.

While spending time with the dragon kings, I learn that they worship Lieta.

As we examine up the Enginorium, we learn that all of the power is being routed to a certain octet, and it is theoretical that that room is generating power to many stasis pods. The room was sealed off in the midst of the great contagion. We take a couple of days to establish our plan of heading to the powered room, and bring Gom, Gavin, and a small army of dragon kings with us as we delve into the sub-levels. We travel slowly through the lower levels, until we find a locked room. Porifio comes to the lock, and attempts to find the trick at opening it, as I help him with attempting to reform the tools and keep the lock from breaking. As the door is opened, the tunnel we’re in begins to shake. We discover that the door we opened was 10 feet thick of metal. We’re greeted by dim crystals providing illumination, revealing a large circular space with a statue of tyrant lizard, and stasis pods ring the bleachers around the arena. The dragon kings with us drop to their knees in reverence of the sheer number potential first-age dragon kings. As I examine the pods, I see that the dragon kings seem to be in a desecated and mummified state. I shift my perception to the world of the spirits and see hundreds of them staring vacantly towards the center of the room. The tyrant lizard statue falls, and a voice makes itself known; it demands, “Passcode”. I attempt to ask Gom about tyrant lizards in the age of contagion, however he seems to terrified to speak. The disembodied voice states “Operation failed”, and the doors begin to close. We all attempt to close as Vin stares into the room and demands that the doors do not close. Vin begins to glow, and as the light gets brighter, scrolls containing many languages seem to appear and unfurl from no where. The room begins conversing and names itself as “Ice Mind”. In the mean time, all of the spirits begin chanting and hitting their chest in a form of salute. “Sworn in Life, Sworn in Death.” Enthralled by the form of solidarity, I begin moving towards the center of the room. As Vin continues giving commands to the Ice Mind, he learns that the Tyrant Queen had secured some information. We also learned that some individuals were terminated through the stasis pods as they were lesser members of the Tyrant Queen’s court. He states the key is presumed in the Tomb of Mihat, which is a giant daiclave, which appear to be the same as Warsong, known as Scar’s daiclave. We discuss and deliberate. I am quite resistant to do anything which would awake any of the dragon kings. We think closing the room would be best for now. We survey the working apparatus, and about 200 pods are active, 5 contain non-dragon kings, and appear to be terrestrial exalted, one of each aspect. All seem to be armored and armed with obsidian artifacts. Ice Mind needs some sort of Exalted to issue commands. As we were closing the doors behind us, I spotted Darrish Six-claw, and he seemed disappointed…
Renshu's Recollection - Diving Deeper

As we continue towards the center of the octad, we notice the water is getting warmer, which makes us need to exert more. Thinking on it, the layout of the way we’ve gone doesn’t seem to make sense to Human minds; it’s chaotic in the architecture. We see that the location seems more ornate as we continue on. Rothah begins to move to open one of the ornate doors, and I am able to convey to him through pantomiming that opening doors with the water will ruin much of what is in the room; he seems to agree and moves away. We continue forward, the water gets warmer, and we see roiling water ahead. As we push through the roiling, we find that it’s coming from a tube on the 4th floor, and the water is scalding; this seems to be from the West side of the Academic octad. The water seems to be spraying out from some sort of basin, and the water appears to be under pressure.

While we’re on the surface, we take out our breathers to converse. Vin mentions that he would like to find the basin and determine what is causing the the basin; I agree, as trying to cross the boiling waterfall would be painful. We backtrack, and find another way to get on the otherside of the waterfall as a stronger current brings us to a nexus of 8 different paths out, one of which heads to the waterfall. Within these, we find that there are 8 obsidian points within this nexus area. Rothah wants to go with the current, but I believe it would lead us towards a drop. As we try to exit the nexus, Both Vin and Horus are pulled down a tube; Rothah hands me a rope and tells me to go help. I launch myself off of a wall and land in the water, attempting to catch up with Horus. I grab Horus as Vin goes past. Then, continuing on, I grab Vin, and Rothah begins pulling us all back. At that point, we see the crystal start floating under us; Vin and I let go to ensure we get the crystal as well.

We head down our side corridor, the current calms significantly. As we continue on our path, small eddies slightly pull us, and we find a sign that states “travel hub” and head that way. We find a tunnel that, when heading through, brings us down and then back up, and we’re only in knee deep water. As we’re exploring, we find an access stairway which goes both up and down. We begin heading up, and find our way to level 5, and then level 4, and see the that the stairwell continues to head up. On the 4th floor, we find our way to a cylindrical building; we enter and find ourselves in a dome with water all around, akin to a lake. Every 50 yards, a dragon statue covered with moss is spewing water into the basin; the water from the dragons are not hot, but the water within the basin is almost boiling. I begin shaping a bowl to carry a heat crystal. Horus takes a moment to steel himself, and dives in to the water. Shortly after that, we feel a presence enter our mind. Horus breaks the surface, glowing brightly, rolling the stone on to floor. I send my elemental to hold the stone, while a question enters all of our minds asking “How long have I slumbered”. A pale creature, with tentacles and a lamprey mouth and then states, “I’m so hungry. Who will give themselves to the leech god?” We then decided making a hasty retreat would be the most advantageous. I clear the link from my mind as the creature begins audibly shrieking.

After we feel safe, I investigate the stone, and come to the conclusion that it is most likely the hearthstone to the Enginorium. We discuss, and decide we want to inform the other circle about the Enginorium. We exit the sewers, enter the great pyramid and find Roland. He states that he’ll send messages out to the other circle. I take out our books and begin to mend them, and after a while, we bring the the hearthstone and repaired books to the dragon kings; we find a book about martial arts, a sorcerous tome, and a book depicting information about the dragon king’s crystal tech. Their excitement is palpable, however they feel it would take 8-12 weeks before they are ready to turn on the Enginorium, as they need to determine which parts would be safe to activate. They also are interested at securing a path to the Enginorium when they discover a leech god had survived, they became somewhat fearful, and surmised that the intense heat causes them to slumber.

Renshu's Recollection - A City Below

We are directed to meet with the dragon kings at the observatory for direction to explore the underbelly of Rathess. The outskirts of the Library district is a few unfinished buildings which appears to be book stores, and other scriveners, but as we enter further, the services are much more intellectual. There’s a make-shift wall of about 8’ to most likely ward off things at night. Light crystals are prevalent. The denizens appear to be self-important with either flowing robes, or armor of obsidian.

Many ardent criers are in the area, spouting philosophical, or religious ideals, which seem to be based around the Unconquered Sun. The humans and dragon kings are much more interspersed. The observatory is a long domed structure with a low flat building which seems to be the entry. As we enter, an anklok dragon king stops us, stating that none enter without a new book, however we state that we were here to mention we were here to see Gom and Nomak; we need to flash our solar sigils in order to gain entry. All others are providing books to a clerk which seems to be logged. As we actually enter, the area appears to be a vaulted library, with very few books lining the walls.

We are led through the building where a dozen dragon kings are in conference with a giant apparatus with orbs spinning around it which appears to be from the first age. The conversation peters out as we approach the group. An anklok approaches stating that he is Gom. A heavily feathered raptok in flowing robes is Nomak. Nomak states that he has been petitioning for the sewers to be cleared for some time. We’re told that there are many dangers, and many opportunities in the bowels of the city. Great care should be taken to not injure the unawakened dragon kings; ideally, they should be rendered unconscious and returned to them if possible.

We are led to a table which contains many scrolls. A map is laid out, and Nomak mentions that he is wakened from the first age. There are stasis chambers which we should not interact with, but should be noted for the dragon kings to investigate later. Also, if hearthstones are found, we should bring them back as well as they have lost the key to the Enginorium – the manse at the core of the city which powers all of the devices. As we go deeper underground, things get more and more dangerous – the first 2 levels have been explored thoroughly. There are 8 levels under the surface; level 3 and 6 are tram tunnel levels. Overall, being able to return books, artifacts and knowledge of some sort would be of great benefit. Gavin, a tall and very handsome man, is to be our guide to below.

On our way out, we find Rothah arguing with an ardent crier, but then follows us. We’re brought to a building which is where our entrance will be, and given packs with exploration materials (a berry/stone paste is used to paint the walls of pictographs as they glow in the dark). Gavin comes to a wall, and he and Rothah expand it which brings us to one of the tubes, which would be usable to allow cars to traverse the city. As Rothah and Horus climb down, I summon an elemental and bind it to myself. The elemental takes the form of a waist-high bi-pedal lizard and the flames appear to form horns and plates down its back.

The hole we dropped through was about 5 feet thick, and the floor to ceiling is approximately 15 feet high, and the walls are about 10 feet wide. We find ourselves in a T-intersection, with many doors/entry ways. As we go through door to door, I find a small Hotrah nest. Overall, we seem to be in some sort of shopping district. We do find some crystals, tracks of a large animal, and a passage leading further down. We continue to explore this level and find some doors that cannot be opened and some small items which are unknown.

I craft some sort of tapering key by willing it to fill the hole, and through my desire, the door becomes unlocked. Inside, the room appears to be covered in vines, and there is a faint light further in. The room is about 30′ × 50′ which is completely overgrown. Some dragon king bones litter about, but the light is a crystal which is in a small bowl filled with water. Rothah touches the water, and then the crystal, and then removes the crystal from the pool. Horus cuts away some of the vines of the basin to find that it is affixed to the floor.

We then head lower down into the sewers. The tracks leading lower appear to actually be a pack of Raptoks (apparently called a Giggle). As we get down to the next level, water appears to be about shin high. I dismiss my elemental as we continue exploring. The doors tend to be smaller on this level, and are often shut. This appears to be more residential. I get the sense that we are not alone down here. We find a hole that appears to go further down to level 6, and the water from 6 is warmer than the water on the current level. Horus wishes to go down and I mention the vine-breather before diving down, and then Rothah follows; I then hear hissing and splashing. Horus and Rothah come up, and coax me to go down. I take a great breath, and jump in, and then struggle to put the breather after swallowing a small amount of water.

On the 6th level, we feel a slight current. We follow the current, as we float through this tunnel level. Rothah opens a door and is sucked in as pressure brings him there, which seemed sealed against the elements; we find some books and crystals we throw into our sacks. We continue on, and my understanding of the architecture thus far is that we need to head further to the center to try and find the way down.

Renshu's Recollection - Venn Diagram

After working at the forge for days, Tepet Horus called a quick meeting with myself and Vin Bahlis to discuss our own goals we wish to accomplish before meeting the current rulers of Rathess. Vin states that he’s pretty overwhelmed with the opportunity and prospects within Rathess, and states he wishes to protect the city, and see it flourish. Tepet states he wishes to extend the reach of Rathess through conquest of the neighboring cities. I claimed that my loyalties still lie with Lookshy, although now through Rathess, primarily to end the threat of the Thorns. Overall, we agree that we wished to help Rathess prosper through war, diplomacy or infrastructure. Rothah eventually joins the meeting. He comes in stating that he wishes to get more people into the fold of Rathess.

We then went on to the pancake breakfast in which all of the solars of Rathess were in attendance, as well as the armored bear, Restive Glacier. After some small talk and breakfast, Bjorn begins business. He states that the oaths created by the original circle were not intended for an additional circle, and while modifying all of the oaths was possible, but if Rathess is intended to be a successful city, all solars must be able to participate in the governence, however all oaths would need to ensure that the other solars were not shorn out. After much deliberation, we decide that the number of 3 solars will remain, as long as no solars will block out the others.

We then move on to what we are looking to achieve, and explain some of the desires we wish to accomplish. Scar states that he doesn’t think conquest makes sense due to 300 miles in any direction is tamed already. Valus thinks we should simply grind ourselves against the city of Thorns, however Scar states that having Lookshy and Thorns acts as a bulwark from the rest of the Realm to not march against us. Scar wishes to finish a road to Nexus for better trade infrastructure, and access to be more mobile, and to bring the rest of the Dragon Kings to Rathess, however Rothah wishes to strike out to something new. Roland states that finding artifacts and raw material from tombs or unexplored locations, however Rothah wishes to inspire people. Roland then talks about the trade deals for Nexus, and Rothah states he does not have the ability to treat like such, as he inspires the simple men. A final task of recruiting more Exalted to Rathess, as unaffiliated dragon-blooded will enter the fold. Most of the circle wishes to explore for lore and treasures. Porfirio and Valus will scout for a location which we are well suited for.

In the meantime, Gom and Nomak could use help in getting some of the un-enlightened Raptok to be handled.

Renshu's Recollection - An Accord Reached

I awake to a kiss from a radiant woman, with flowing green hair, and flesh seemingly consisting of wood. The green-furred individuals and other Rathess villagers disperse while the woman heads to her throne. I believe that she may be a fey-folk, and introduces herself as Iris.

Iris states that she was at Rathess prior to the Solars, and if the Solars claim of ownership was based on conquest, then her ownership of the slaves is based on something similar. The solars previously treated with the fey-folk to defeat the Goblin King and extricate him from the city, however the Solars did not uphold their end of the bargin: fey-folk were promised the ability to feed on individuals; the fey-folk took much of them, sapping their personalities and ability to think or feel, and so, she was exiled. Iris believes that we were sent as a weapon to kill her as the other Solars have made a deal to not harm her.

Iris states simply that she wishes to return to Rathess and feed as much as she wishes. Horus takes issue with that, and states that conflict must take place, however she turns to Porfirio and states that she would be unable to win should we fight, and he acquiesces that combat is not necessary now.

We continue discussing, and believe that allowing the fey to feed on an condemned individuals, those who are sentenced to die right before their execution.

The original agreement:
The fey will be allowed to live and feed in Rathess if they help overthrow Filleal Wisdom. The stipulations are that they may not severely injure anyone and they cannot feed on anyone who does not willingly allow it. The fey would be allowed to live safely within Rathess. This agreement can only be modified by three solars of Rathess.

The addendum agreement:
In addition, the fey will be allowed feed to excess on individuals who are lawfully condemned to death by the Solars of Rathess. Also, the fey do acknowledge that feeding to excess is seriously injuring individuals.

Vin comes out, obviously smitten by Iris, and sanctifies the new deal, and then wakes Rothah. All of the barbarians begin packing up, and the giant tree within camp gets up and begins moving as well, and they gradually begin integrating within Rathess.

Steve the courier provides us summons to meet with the leaders of Rathess, the blue haired man in golden armor, and the scarred man in red armor. They wish that death would have been provided to Beguiling Iris to reduce the headache, however it’s made known that they at least they acknowledge the rule of the Solars; solars of Rathess decide when execution is permitted for feeding. Bahn states that he wants us to help shape Rathess, but technically, the city is ruled by the Dragon Kings, and plenty of politics are at work.

Horus eventually storms off due to the cluster-fuck that is current Rathess rulership, and Bahn suggests that both circles meet to discuss goals and plans for Rathess to ensure that both circles are able to determine the best way to segregate tasks, and have better understandings for fewer disagreements

Renshu's Recollection - Verdant Life

In searching for the green-furred barbarians, Rothah and I split from the others and were ambushed; Rothah was overwhelmed. While escaping, I heard the sounds of combat, and head towards it to find the rest of the party fighting the barbarians as they hide in trees. Leaping forward, I unleash flames from my firewand, causing most of the feral beings to flee. The one who doesn’t back off, charges at me with his club, and in retaliation, I level my firewand at his chest point-blank, and incapacitate the man.

As the battle continues, another mob of fur-men target me with their arrows, forcing me to cover, unfortunately it wasn’t quite enough, as an arrow found its way through the trees, and poison began seeping through my veins…I had the wherewithal to reload my weapon before my conscious faded.

Renshu's Recollection - A Pact is Made

Current State of Rathess – Ancient ruined city; comparable to Lookshy in size. East and West running gate. Entire city aligned with the sun. Giant circle, divided into 8 sections. 7 out of 8 are designed for beings larger than humans. City was originally the Dragon King. Dinosaur men claim ownership of the city, however largely outnumbered. One section flooded. Dome of astrology area is somewhat restored. Jungle around has been cleared for about 20 miles out. Lots of water-wood manses are giant trees dropping fruit; some stone manses as well.

Out the West gate, a white road starts, lanterns every so often. Goal is to go to 100 Kingdoms, and then to Nexus. Magic food and artifacts are primary exports.

Former arena converted to a shipyard

Been helping Mahato, the forge-master in Rathess. Production is insanely efficient.

A tiny lizard person, with a high-browed upholding, named Steve invites us to dinner, atop the Pyramid of the Sun. There are about 30 individuals heading up the pyramid. All seem to be an Exalted, an essence wielder, or a dragon king. Sitting with the only other Solars.

Rothah Kinsogo (Chris) – Giant. Tribal look. Somewhat jolly?
Vin Bahlis (Dan) – Dressed finely, with no outward weapons/armor. Very handsom. 30s. Silver hair with wisps of blue and green.
Tepet Horus (Jarret) – Gorgeous man. Mannerism of nobility, but poorly dressed. A bit shorter. Young.
Porfirio Pichon (Luc) – Early 20s. Athletic/honed. Scruffy. Artifact buff jacket/sky cutter.

All others seem to be purposefully shunning/ignoring in an unobvious way to allow us Solars to converse with ourselves; it appears we’re a full circle.

Two hours into the feast, a cruiser-class airship comes to the top of pyramid, and a massive figure, who seems to be a tattooed lunar, in full battle regalia, and wearing his war form, who seems to be a giant bear-man – Restive Glacier. Another man steps off with a bow seeming to be made of bone and sinew – Valis. Then a young man with very long beard/hair and robes – Bjorn. Then, an adolescent with black orichalum armor and daiclave – Roland. Then, a man with skin so dark it’s nearly red; no hair, with red jade armor, and black short daiclave on his back – Scar. Finally, a man in orange orichalm armor with blue hair and blue beard, with tanned skin – Bahn.

The blue-haired man welcomes all, and welcomes the newcomers (us). He states that the new circle will help the city of Rathess grow and prosper. We’re invited to the front, and those who stepped off of the airship display that they are a full circle. They wish for us to create a true circle to help Rathess by forming a second circle. If we form a circle, we will be given reign far and wide to act on behalf of Rathess. As we seemed confused, the blue hair states that he’ll allow Bjorn to explain.

The robed figure states that a circle is a sacred bond. An ideal circle has a member from every caste of the sun. A full circle has the skills/abilities to take on any challenge that Creation can present. A state blessed by heaven, and honored by Rathess. We are then told to put our hands together in the center. We are then told to repeat the words: I sweat to help my circle mates through trial and test. To help them grow and prosper and become better. I swear to serve Rathess to the best of my abilities, and return Creation to the guiding light of the Unconquered Sun.

Tepet seems resclusive to state the pledge, and blue-hair states that the solars have no place in the world. Bald man in red asked what happened in the First age: solars went mad, and dragon blooded took over. If a solar is linked in a circle, that will protect them from the madness. Tepet states that he wasn’t ready to be conscripted to Rathess. Red armor clears out the rest of the the party so we could discuss the actual reasons the serving of Rathess was put in.

Bull of the North has a partial circle of two other solars, some barbarian tribes and Halta, went to war with the realm and decimated the Teppet regions. They attempted to unite their efforts with Bull of the North, however he didn’t want any other Solars to help rule Creation. The thin top-knot guy comes in, and states that this is their home, and while there are many things they wish to do, such as decimate Thorns, they don’t know us, and worry about those who may destroy them from behind.

Backstory: Solar Game a point

In the Beginning

Creation of the Circle

Who met first?

I think Bahn was introduced after. Think he also initially hid his solarness.

Didn’t Valis explode a horse at somepoint or was that a different game?

Krase had a ally name Yatell Aniyatoo. We all suspected he was a demon.

How/when was the oath taken that formed the circle?

Nexus and Great Forks

Sickness spreading

Levass Holden

Did we break up some riots or something?

Lion dogs and hidden sanctuary?

tyrant lizard attacks Jian Ri on the river. We subdue and capture it. Bahn revealed to as

a solar during the fight. Sell it at auction in (nexus or GF?).

Valis’ nemesis

Brief attack, running around on roof tops or something

Warehouse with potions to heal spreading sickness.

DB we fought in Great forks

Cynis something something. Bjorn got his hearthstone bracers.

Slaves being smuggled down/up river??

The Invisible Fortress

Levass and the caravan north.

Hungry ghost issues on the trail.

Three dog like things that talked as one (alternating words).

Krace flying guillotined something.


Where the caravan stopped?

A pull to the north.

The circle started feeling a pull to the north.

Wanglers Knob

Some spirit roaming around harassing the village (were they sacrificing their elderly?).

Purchased some furs and rations.

Was it the solars who helped fortify the city against attack or was that the DB game?

Something significant with the lake?

The Invisible fortress.

Trip through the tundra. Yeti type creatures attack.

Finding the valley and the manse.

Was Sessus on the steps when we got there or did he show up later?

Creepy ghosts.

Ooh lights… “I put a mote in it”


Sessus in the magical manicals. Sword of forgetfulness (when did this show up?)

Searching rooms. Found stuff (What?)

Oops, Krace got stuck in a painting.

Combat training room and automatons.

Navigating the traps into the tombs.

Valis’ previous host found? Orichalcum armor (given to Bahn). Other artifacts?

Singing staff?

Learned about the former inhabitants of the Invisible fortress (those solars who fled

during the usurpation). Cal Bax,

Fight with spirit/ghosty thing? Did we blockade ourselves into an area to protect us from


Some rune found. Oh no, the demon tricked us into breaking it.

Demons on the loose.

When did we get the flame pendants?

Back to “The Knob”

Left the fortress with lots of treasure. Where/how’d we find this?

Back at Wangler’s Know, there is a jerk Dragon blooded guy and some troops. We

leave quick to avoid confrontation?

Were we attacked by someone/thing when we left? I remember horses. Or was this the

DB game?

Return to Nexus.

Trip back to Nexus.

How did we get there? Anything exciting happen on the way?

Money matters.

Bahn’s crew had spent this time setting up a small business (boat repair?)

Working with Levass to launder gems and precious metals from the Invisible Fortress.

Did he build us a boat or something (or was that the DB game???)

To Rathes

How did we find out about Rathes?

Trip down the river.

Military type city we tried to avoid?

City we left the Jian Ri at when we headed into the jungle (right where the river splits



Guys with blowguns. Did we capture one of them?

Hatra Pelts.

Getting into Rathes.

Initial exploration of the city

Discovering the plant technology

Avoiding the tunnels

Going up to the top of one of the air ship docks and running into the Birds of Vanalith

(goddess of flight).

Dragon Kings

Finding and meeting with the Dragon kings.

Temple to ?dragonkinggoddessofwar? Sacrificing hearts?

Searching for the other awakened.

Traveling in tubes and Steve the vine runner.

Finding the buried Airship and trying to dig it out. Some DK get poisoned (by frogs?)

and die.

Hearding the unawakened.

Crossing some scary lake on a rickety boat.

Some hidden temple in the jungle (scars manse?)

Wrangling the un-awakened DKs thru the jungle.

DKs destroy that realm city on the river.

Learning about Filial Wisdom and Joe-bob “Eater of the dead”

(or whatever scary name he has).

Big astronomy type temple. Filial wisdom shows up and we spy on them?

Talking with the fae?

Some type of battle plan, I remember the raptoks running around in the streets and us

trying to avoid patrols. (Don’t remember what we were trying to accomplish, getting into

some solar tombs?)

The West.


We all have a similar dream about walking into the water or something. Eventually we

all do the same thing in the dream and we end up on a spirit boat


Fakaru’s wife went missing and he summoned us to find her.

Pretty sure this is where we got the puppy..?

Is this where we went farther west and found an island where some people were stranded

(this would be where scar actively started recruiting people).

Rescued wifey (I believe this was from the Island of exiled spirits. We had to break her


We each get our reward. Valis learns some stuff, Bjorn gets a favor? Bahn learns spirit

boat charm.

Jian Ri joins us in the west

Don’t remember this exactly. Fakaru helped somehow (part of the payment for rescuing

his wife?)

When we showed back up in the city where we left the Jian ri, they were very skeptical

about us (some fear of a wyld hunt).

Gave sessus orders to watch over Rathes.

Did we just bring the Jian Ri into that lake and Fakaru “spirited” us out west from there?


At some point we show up in Hald. Bahn finds people from his original home island and

they join the crew (Townsfolk).


Magma Rhino?

Did we bring the Jian Ri to Abalone to have it outfitted with weapons?

Scar holds a job recruiting session for his army.

Is this where the Wyld hunt and sidereal show up and we run away (after scar gets a 2 nd


Coral Pirates

Don’t remember where/when they came in. I’m sure they attacked us and we whooped

‘em and forced them to serve.

I seem to remember going to some island that didn’t like coral and there was tension

because we had a coral boat with us…?

News of Scar’s spawn

Searching for Shonar

Shonar “render of flesh”

Traveling through wyld lands, fighting upside down fish.

Fighting with shonar, destroying one of his ships.

Meeting Darshal

Conversation about realm controlled “drug Island”

Running into the lintha slave ship. Killing it’s tow demon?

The battle of “drug Island”

Oath with Shonar.

Valis explosions some ships

Bjorn, Scar, and elementals destroy some war striders.

Shonar’s forces overrun the island.

Shadow is introduced (destroying some DB on a ship)

Scar and Roland Meet (Roland trying to escape the falling city)

Scar recruits Darshal

Oh no, lintha slaver and giant armada have come for us! Run!

On the run

Leave drug Island heading due north, running from armada of ships.

Pass through bordermarsh and loose the Lintha.

Establish daily pancake breakfast meeting for the circle and the important extras. Bill

Baker, on of the islanders, makes excellent pancakes.

After a couple of evenings, we begin to hear a creepy song in the night. It causes crew to

wig out, and some are lost overboard.

The next night, the creepy song is back and the boat is attacked by sharks. One of the

crew is bitten in half. The sharks flee as soon as one of the solars make themselves


The next night, the creepy song comes yet again, and this time, the crew below decks

enters a trance and tries to hack their way through the hull. The better trained crew (coral

pirates) are unaffected and Scar orders them to restrain the crazies.

Another days travel through the bordermarsh and we find a “village” of froggy type men.

We get off the boat and check out the village, and we find one of the missing crew. He

was still a little out of if. We get him back to the boat.

Over the next couple days, the rescued crewmember is still acting a bit weird. When we

confront him, it’s reviled that he had been “drained” by the fae (1wp, 1 in virtues, etc).

and that he was wearing a small necklace which was spying on us. When the necklace is

discovered, it turns into a bird and flies away. Fae tricks!

A few days after, Valis spots something on the horizon. We determine (without getting

any closer to it) that it is the Weeping Maiden, a legendary statue that when any ship

encounters it, the ship ends up destroyed and washed up on the shores of the blessed Isle.

Naturally we give it a wide birth.

The next evening we approach an island and see that it is being attacked by Sharkmen.

Scar brings some men ashore, but we avoid a fight by convincing the sharkmen to stop

killing, and direct them south to battle the lintha. It turns out they respect our authority as

Solar exalted.

Scar manages to recruits a few islanders. After some further conversation, we find out

the islanders worship the sun and have seen Mosok!


Following the information gleaned from the islanders, we head west in search of Mosok.

We find a small island. Bahn and Scar find what appears to be an abandoned mosok

settlement, and what appears to be a wooden club.

Valis and Roland find a guy, up a tree, hiding from a wyld mutated alligator. Roland

destroys the alligator. It turns out the guy is a mute. They bring the guy back to the boat.

When everyone is back on the boat, the guy asks to see the wooden club, Bahn hands it to

him and it instantly changes into a large viney-pointy club-sword thing, and the guy

himself transforms into a mosok. Who knew they could shape shift into a human form!?

He kills a couple of the recruited islanders; apparently they have a blood feud going on.

We subdue him and he tells us of his “bothers”.

We head west to his island and find 60 other mosok, but only 6 are awakened.

Scar tries to convince them to join, but they can’t leave the un-awakened behind. They

explain that the tears of the maiden can be used to awaken savage mosok.

The weeping maiden.

The circle takes a small rowboat back to the maiden to collect some tears.

Big battle ensues with giant coral starfish guy (bigger than the island itself).

Eventually we convince him to let us take some tears.

We swim back to the island, as the boat was destroyed. A water elemental, Celine, offers

to craft us a boat of water to “help” us get back faster, but we, being the untrusting sort,

refuse….well, except for shadow, who rides on the mast of the water boat in eagle form.

We get back to the island and awaken a Mosok. Social combat ensues with scar trying to

convince them to serve in his army. Eventually an oath is struck that the Mosok will

serve in the army as long as Scar will not ask them to do anything he wouldn’t do

himself, and that scar bring them to Rathes to meet up with their other DK brothers.

Meanwhile, Roland is off wandering around and runs into (water elemental) again. She

tells him about some treasure under water nearby and they swim out to find it. He hears

the singing again, like in the Middlemarch, and is attacked by Saika (giant sharks). He

escapes and eventually finds the treasure, a mundane sword.

From Mosoks to Less-soks

After all the Mosok are awakened, we head off towards coral again. Soon after leaving

though, two of the Mosok disappear into thin air. Bjorn attempts to summon Celine, the

water elemental, but fails, and thus learns that the being Celine is not actually a water

elemental. We turn back to track her down, and eventually find her. It turns out that she

is actually a Roksha, and that she created most of the Mosok and all of the islanders. We

somehow avoid any combat (Scar gets a new intimacy towards hating the fae) and we

leave with the 10 Mosok that were actually real.

On to Coral

When we begin to approach coral waters, we realize that we will encounter a lot of

resistance if we are perceived as outsiders. We stop somewhere and purchase forged

documents stating that we are coral privateers. Eventually, we arrive in Azure. Scar

orders Eric and three of the other original coral pirates to go out and procure clothing for

the rest of the crew (all the different peoples of the crew are still dressed in their local

garb, and that may draw unwanted attention or conflict). Eric’s party heads out and

works with a number of small shops in order to get the needed 150 sets of clothing (50

sets or so were purchased out of existing stock, the remaining sets will be be made buy

one of the tailors and will be ready in two days). On their way back to the boat, they run

into some members of the iron fist pirates, privateers employed by Paltroon Fancypants,

the same man who had originally employed Eric and crew. Apparently Paltroon is upset

that he lost his ship and crew, because the IFP try to assassinate Eric and friends. Eric

and party manage to defeat the ambushing men and then quickly make their way back to

docks and the Jian Ri.

Meanwhile, Bahn, Bjorn, Valis, and Roland head over to one of the local casino’s,

Vasin’s Luck, for a bit of entertainment. They sit at a table for a while and meet a man,

presumably a Dragon Blooded, named Day Song. Eventually, they are all asked up to the

upper floor. At first they are hesitant because they think perhaps they have been

discovered (as solars), but no, it turns out that Plentimon, god of gambling, simply wants

to play a game with them since it’s been a while since he has sat at a table with all

essence users. They head upstairs and play a card game, similar to Texas hold’em, but

with side bets about whether or not people are bluffing. It’s called “Bad beat, or beaten

badly”. Valis does quite well, and Day song spouts on an on very sarcastically about how

Dragon Blooded are gods of creation and blah blah blah. Day Song is very inquisitive

when it comes to the group, but being very cautious, the circle-mates reveal very little

about themselves. Eventually Day Song suggests a wager; one hand of cards, if he wins,

we answer honestly any question he askes about us for the remainder of the game, if one

of us wins, he will travel north to help push back the growing shadowland near whitewall

(something Plentimon mentioned during some small talked). Naturally, the first response

by everyone is not to take the bet for fear of exposing our true nature, but Plentimon

encourages us to take the bet. He says that he knows Fakaru, and that revealing our

secrets would not do any harm here. Bahn and Bjorn take Day Song up on his bet. The

decidedly lose. Durring Day Song’s questioning, it is revealed that we are all solars, to

which he really has no reaction (although Valis is naturally quite upset). He askes many

questions about who we are as people, what our long term world goals are, and what we

see as the role of solars in creation. It seems Day Song’s goals are to prove that the

Dragon blooded are not all mighty and should not be the default rulers of creation.

Eventually the tension of the situation subsides and most questions are answered

honestly. The scene ends with Day Song stating that he intends to come along with us to

the north.

Leaving Coral



Day Song arrives at the docks the next morning and is introduced to the rest of the circle

(Scar), who accepts his arrival easily (because of his standing “orders” to recruit DB).

Scar and Bjorn decide to search out the IFP in order to find a way to resolve Eric and the

rest of the Coral pirates’ debt. They head down to the naval port in search of Scugg, the

leader of the IFP, where rumor says the IFP birth. The guards to the base there will not

let them down to the port (since it’s a coral military installation). They are sent down the

road to some Logistics man who may be able to approve their passage. This man tells

him that he will only give them a pass if they can collect a debt for him. Begrudgingly,

in order to avoid all out conflict, they accept and proceed down to the dry docks to find

Reginald Dolomite. They speak with Reggie, but he has no intention of paying the debt.

Instead he offers to get them directly to the IFP’s slip if they can simply install a pin in a

ship that he is building. Due to the nature of the construction, the task is very hard, but

Scar and Bjorn manage to do it. Surprised but grateful, Reggie has them ferried around

the shoreline to the IFP’s ships. Once on the docks, they speak with Arthur Smiles-alot

of the IFP (since apparently Scugg doesn’t see people). He indicates that we will have no

issues on the water if we travel to the Isle of Fancypants to settle our debt.

Later, some of the crew was sent out to pick up our orders of clothing but they come back

empty handed. Apparently word has spread about our disagreement with the IFP and we

have been blacklisted. We decide that, since we’re leaving coral, we don’t really need

the clothing anymore, so we head out to the Isle of Fancypants in order to settle Eric’s

debt. We arrive without issue and make our way to Paltroon’s house, which is a giant

complex with a large barred gate. There is no answer to our knocks. It seems that most

people avoid the place, so we get the impression that he’s not a nice guy, which is all

Bahn needs to decide to blow the place up. Bahn casts violent opening of closed portals,

and since the house, gate, and everything is one giant structure, all the doors and

windows instantly explode outward in a fantastic shower of glass and wood. The circle

strolls into the place and finds Paltroon. After some awkward negotiations, it seems that

Paltroon concedes that he’s better off dropping his issues with Eric and leaving us alone.

We depart the Isle of Fancypants and head towards the north.

The North

Voyage north.


GD:25th Asc. Fire

The 35 day trip to the western islands of the north goes by without incident. Scar spends

his time with more training and the rest of the circle uses the time to enrich themselves

(spend xp).

Shortly before we arrive, we see a caravan of long boats, led by some elk beast-men. A

brief history lesson from Bjorn indicates these are the Raj Tahli. We basically ignore

them and go on our way. We arrive at the island of Ravahna on the 25 th of ascending fire.

The island is very barren so we circle until we find a signs of civilization. Durring the

first night (we don’t travel at night since the waters around the island are very rocky), the

longboats with the Elk-men pass us, again without incident. The next day, we find a

small walled village (two separately walled villages right next to eachother) on a

peninsula. The circle goes ashore and is met by the locals (the Raj Tahli sailors). They

are initially apprehensive about letting us into their village with all of our artifacts and

weapons. After some discussion/argument amongst ourselves about whether we should

try to barter, or simply threaten them to get the supplies we need, we convince them to let

some of us into the city to talk trade (Valis and Bahn wait by the dingy). Some talk of

trade ensues, but isn’t fruitful as we have nothing to offer. It is discovered though, that

there is a mysterious fog that quickly mutates and kills people that spontaneously appears

in the forests at the center of the island. The village says this hampers their ability to

harvest wood and that they would trade for simply our service in harvesting some trees.

Scar one-up’s the offer, and says that we will attempt to actually get rid of the fog. The

villagers say that that would be great and that the elk-men would probably provide us

with a great reward (alluding to some thamaturgical solution to our food shortage) if we

could accomplish the task. We ask to speak with the elk-men. We are told they reside in

the other half of the village (the second walled area), but that they don’t speak to anyone


Domain of Ravahna

RD: 3/16/2010

GD: 1st Res. Fire

Scar and Shadow head off into the woods. Scar will train to leard Chaos repelling

pattern. It is decided that we will meet back here in 3 days.

Bjorn, Roland, and Bahn head up into the woods, aiming for the center of the island.

Bahn knocks down some trees as they go, finding most of them sickly and no good for

building. Eventually, the woods thicken up and the trees are good. That's when they

discover they are in a Domain. All three take some time and attune to it (three hours

indicates it's a level 3). They then started on their way again, and noticed some Elk-men

tracks. They followed them and eventually came to the top of a ridge. When they looked

out over the other side, they could see the other half of the island and there was a huge

section of it that was completely barren. No trees, or even stumps, just a big empty crater

like area. They continued to follow the elk-men tracks and the feeling of the domain got

really weird and very disrupted. They got to a small area where there was a cap stone for

the domain. It had recently been broken and the tracks around it were from a large two

legged thing with claw like feet. Bahn was able to determine that the capstone had a

bunch of Terrock (flying dragon king guys) writing and runes on it. They surmised that

the domain had once become unstable which is what caused the giant crater. They were

also able to determine that in 5 days, the same thing was going to happen again (thus the

weird feeling).

After inspecting the cap stone, they decided to continue following the elk-men, so they

did. As they followed the tracks, they saw the "fog" off in the distance, moving very

quickly in their direction. Two villagers came running towards us, trying to escape from

it. It turns out it really isn't a fog. As it approached, all the trees basically turned inside

out and roots exploded from the ground along with flowers. Spinters of wood flew

everywhere shredding anything they came in contact with. It was basically a tidal wave

of transformation. One of the villagers was overtaken and was instantly turned inside out

resulting in a bloody mess. The other made it into the bubble of creation provided by

Bjorn’s charm and was unharmed….until he lost his balance and fell away from Bjorn.

The villager ended up getting impaled by a bunch of razor sharp flower petals and started

growing blue fur. After the wave passed, Roland helped the villager to stabilize him and

cure the poison from the flowers. Right at that time, they were attacked by some Nil-

jocki (dog sized tyrant lizard like things that moved uber fast). The solars basically

kicked some tail so the Nil-jocki ran away and hid in the forest. A second later, they

reappeared and dragged off the surviving villager. The solars tried to chase them down

but had no chance of catching them (their dashing speed was at least double that of the

solars). The group eventually though did find the body all eaten up. Roland grabbed

what was left of the man’s personal effects.

Again, the group decided to keep following the elk-men's trail. Just as it was getting

dark, they actually found them. The Elk-men were standing around another cap stone.

After a brief introduction by Bjorn, Bahn read this writing on the capstone. It described

that this was the center capstone of the domain, and that the domain once stretched all of

these islands (it's assumed they were once all one island). Bjorn spoke more with the

Elk-men and informed them of what we had learned and that it was our intent to attempt

to fix the domain. Bjorn had determined that if they could reposition some of the

remaining capstones on this island, they could stabilize it. The Elk-men seemed to

approve and said they should start right away.

GD: 2 nd Res. Fire

The next morning, Bahn, Bjorn, and Roland use the Hearthstone compass along with

maps and info supplied by the Elk-men to map out where the capstones should be. They

decide that we should locate all the caps and verify they are not broken, then we will

meet back here and make a plan on how to fix the problem. The elkmen headed off one

direction and the solars in the opposite.

Meanwhile, after a day of unexciting training, Shadow notices movement in the woods

near them. After closer inspection, she sees a few hundred 8ft tall beast-men, coming

through the forest. She tells this to Scar and he decides to go check things out. As Scar

walks to the top of a ridge, he activates some of his charms, preparing for a battle.

Cresting the ridge, his anima flares. As this happens he sees a large line of a few hundred

beast-men, the Vah-raj Tool. They stop there advancement and watch him. After a few

failed attempts to communicate with them, he decides their leader must be further back in

their ranks, so he simply begins walking through them. They all part to let him past, but

do circle back and surround him. Eventually, a shaman approaches, carrying a large

blade of glowing blue ice. Scar addresses him and tells him that they are not welcome on

this island. The shaman, who refers to himself as “just a small fragment of the dream of

infinite light”, says that this island is their home. Scar changes the subject to what they

are doing. The shaman says that they are hunting for food. Scar asks if they hunt and eat

men. The shaman replies that men are the lowest form of creature. The thought of

cannibalism is enough to convince Scar that he should destroy them. He slaughters the

first 100 beast-men without a scratch to himself. With the shaman at the tip of his sword,

he quips “I was once a man”, and then kills him. The rest of the Vah-raj Tool disperse

into the woods. Shadow and Scar decide they should start heading back to the settlement

and warn them of a possible attack.

After leaving in the early afternoon and traveling most of the day, Bahn, Bjorn, and

Roland manage to find the first of two capstones they left to look for. It is surrounded by

a grove of trees all bearing some odd fruit. Bahn and Roland pick a piece and quickly

realize that they can attune to it and receive benefits similar to a hearthstone. They make

note of this capstones location and head off to find the second. On the way, the come

across tracks of many beast-men. Eventually they find a large area filled with the

slaughtered bodies of beast-men. They are able to determine that there was a battle and

that it appears the all these creatures were killed by one person, wearing heavy armored

boots. They continue on their way and find that the location of the second capstone

should be out in the crater area. They spend a couple hours, Bjorn moving rock around

with the staff, searching for the stone. Eventually they find a small chuck. It appears it

has been destroyed. They then decide to head back and meet up with the Elk-men to

determine a plan of action.

GD: 3rd Res. Fire

Scar and Shadow arrive back at the village. They warn them about the beast-men raiders.

After waiting the entire day for the rest of the circle to return, they decide that they must

go out and destroy the rest of the beast-men.

Bahn, Bjorn, and Roland arrive back at the center capstone. They collaborate with the

Elk-men and verify the locations of all the capstones. After some brainstorming, they

come up with three possible solutions to stabilize the domain ranging from simple but

with a low chance of success, to difficult but likely to work. The decide to try the

difficult solution. It will involve creating a new seat for a capstone near where the creater

is. This seat must be created from rock, but also must have live trees growing around it.

The Elk-men believe that with the “hearthstone fruit” they could grow trees, but they

would need the assistance of the forest’s spirit, which they have never been able to

communicate with. Then we must move one of the hearthstones to the seat.

RD: 4/6/2010

GD:4 th Res. Fire

Bahn, Bjorn, Roland, and one of the elkmen begin to search for the forest spirit who can

help them arrange the necessary trees. They make their way through the forest for a few

hours until the notice a line of what appears to be petals floating through the air. Upon

closer inspection, each petal is being carried by a small spirit. They follow this trail of

spirits, and the eventually lead into a knot in an old tree. Bahn and Bjorn, both with the

ability to see spirits, know that a larger spirit is residing in the tree. Bjorn first attempts

to speak to the spirit, but that elicits no response. Bjorn asks the elkman if he knows any

rituals to force the spirit out. The elkman does, but he said it takes a few hours. Bjorn

asks him to begin, but Bahn is impatient. Bahn decides to simply punch the tree until the

spirit comes out (much to the displeasure of Bjorn). After a few punches and some flying

bark, the spirit comes out of the tree. He’s very lucid, basically high from consuming the

petal spirits. After some minor threatening and a quick explaination of the urgency of the

problem, the spirit snaps his stupor and tells us approximately where we can find the

forest’s spirit.

The four men hurriedly travel to the other side of the island to where the tree spirit

indicated. With the aid of Bjorn’s sorcerer’s sight, they quickly find what appears to be

the sanctum of the forest spirit. Again, they have no luck verbally asking the spirit to

come forth. The elkman says he may know a ritual to allow us to enter the spirit’s

sanctum. He attempts the ritual, but to no avail. However, Bahn and Bjorn are able to

glean what he is trying to do. Bjorn, after looking over the Elkman’s ritual book, is able

to perform the ritual via terrestrial circle sorcery. The three solars enter the sanctum.

They find the forest spirit, represented as a giant tree, lounging on a mini representation

of the island and eating the “essence fruit” which are being produced by the domain.

This spirit too seems intoxicated and lazy. Bjorn attempts to explain the situation on the

island the the eminent explosion of the domain. The spirit though brushes him off saying

there is no problem and if there was that it wasn’t his to deal with. He then tells the

solars to get out of his sanctum. The spirit’s lazy demeanor and disrespect severly angers

Bahn, who them limit breaks. He flies into a rage attacking the spirit. The spirt quickly

encases himself in wood caccoon, but Bahn easily tears though it. The spirit then attacks

Bahn, causing many huge limbs to swing out of nowhere and pummel him. Not wearing

any armor, Bahn is quickly knocked unconscious. Although Bahn’s attack failed, it was

enough to rouse the spirit and convince him to leave the sanctum to check on the domain.

They all exit the sanctum and immediately the spirit realizes the severity of the problem.

After Bjorn explains our plan, they all run off to begin implementing it.

Meanwhile that day, Scar, Shadow, and Valis head out to find the army of Vah Raj Tool.

Scar uses the Blood Seed to summon he beastmen. The five beastment find the trail of

the VRT. At about nightfall Valis, who is scouting ahead sees them. He relay’s the

information to Scar who comes up with a plan to ambush them. The group lies in wait in

a clearing and as the VRT approach, the spring the trap. Valis lets fly a mighty barrage

of arrows, decimating one of their large lizard/mammoth type creatures. Scar, Shadow,

and the Beastmen form up and begin cutting through the first wave of VRT. The VRT

valiantly hold their ground, but the first wave is quickly destroyed.

RD: 4/13/2010

GD: 5 th Res. Fire

After their first wave is destroyed, the rest of the VRT quickly scatter back into the

woods. Scar, Shadow, and Valis persue for a bit, but realize that they’re will be no way

to keep them from getting away. Scar has Valis track them as best he can to make sure

they don’t double back to the village. Scar himself travels back to the village and finds it

a-bussle with activity. He learns of the impending explosion of the demanse from one of

the elkmen who had returned. He insists that the elkmen take him to Bahn. They depart

into the woods off toward where the seat will be made.

Bahn, Bjorn, Roland, and Ned the Forest Walker all arrive back at the Capstone that

needs to be moved. The forest walker picks it up and they all hurridly travel back to the

location where the it must be placed. When they arrive, the forest walker informs the

solars that they will have to churn much more land, about an acres worth, than they had

originally thought in order for this plan to work. Bjorn begins the process with his

singing staff, and Bahn and Roland help as much as they can, mostly by breaking and

moving boulders out of the way. The Elkmen arrive with a number of new saplings and

they begin to place them. After a number of hours, and shortly before nightfall, the

ground starts to shake. It’s quickly realized that this is not being caused by Bjorn, but

instead there are 3 huge lizard behemoths trampling towards they newly prepared site.

Bahn and Roland rush forward to meet the behemoths and keep them from destroying

their work. Bahn grapples one of the behemoths to the ground, but it then overpowers

him and tosses him aside. Roland finishes off that behemoth, along with the other two

before they manage to get to the site.

RD: 4/20/2010

A few hours after the behemoths attacked, a swath of the wyld fog comes rolling over the

ridge, quickly making it’s way to the site. Bjorn calls everyone around him to protect

them. Ned moves close, but insists that he can help protect the newly planted trees.

When the fog hits, he is only partially within the sphere of protection the Bjorn was

providing. He begins be make an odd scream as branches on his head begin the grow

rapidly. The fog passes, having transformed the area like it did when they last

encountered it, but it seems that the plan will still work. However, Ned’s head is still

growing. Suddenly the thing growing from Ned’s head splits off from him. It stands up,

appearing to be a freakish coloboration of Ned’s features, but twisted, walking like a

spider. Ned also stands up and begins yelling, as if psychotic, in odd incomprehensible

noises. Both Ned and Evil Ned begin to move toward the seat and capstone, thrashing

violently. Bahn quickly jumps at Ned attempting to drive him back before he can

damage anything. This time they’re battle is a little more even, however, it again ends

with Bahn being unconscious and almost dead. Bjorn, Roland, and the elkmen manage to

finish off Evil Ned, and reluctantly kill Ned as well.

After the battle, they have very little time left. Roland quickly moves the capstone into

place on it’s seat. The air sizzles a bit, and everyone can feel the essence of the area

begin to shift and change. The destabilization focuses to the center of the island, and

there is an explosion (much smaller than there would have been without their efforts).

With the explosion, the essence of the area stabilizes. At about this time, the rest of the

circle arrives.

RD: 4/27/2010

In the month after saving the island, the circle stays on the island, learning from the

elkmen the arts of Thaumaturgy.

Departing Ravahnna, they sail eastward. They skirt the shores of the Vah Raj Tool, but

there are no incidents. A few days into the trip, the Jian Ri is attacked by a band of *Raj

talli* Berg riders, beastment who magically control icebergs as their means of

transportation and raiding passing ships. The Berg Riders are easily fended off and the

group continues on their way.

After a week of sailing, they begin skirting the mainland. On the horizon, a black cloud

begins to appear. As the Jian Ri gets closer, they see that the cloud is actually centered

on a town right on the sea. The entire town is cloaked in a large bubble of black mist.

RD: 5/4/2010

After a brief discussion about weather or not they should investigate, Bahn makes the

decision to pull into the port. Bahn, Bjorn, Roland, Shadow, and Day Song all go ashore

to check things out. They begin walking through the city, but they quickly find it appears

completely abandoned. They estimate that no one has really lived here for almost 100

years. Inspecting in a few houses, the find only a handful of bodies, humanoid forms,

that have pale white scales, sharp teeth, and catlike eyes. At one point they catch a brief

glimpse of a golden snake tail, but it quickly shoots down a drainage pipe. The Group

continues to the center of the town, hoping to find some clue as to what happened here.

There, they find a temple to some god of the sea, and they decide to go in and investigate.

Inside they find a bizarre device. It’s large, about the size of a hut, and covered in

various crystals, spines, and antennae. It’s made out of a compilation of crystal, mundane

metal, and magic materials, and is obviously very old, probably from the 1 st age. It also

has 3 hearthstone sockets, each containing a hearthstone, and it is emitting a low hum.

Bahn, Bjorn, and Roland all decide to spend some time studying the object. Shadow,

after being denied her attempt to remove one of the hearthstones, decides to just search

around the temple for treasure. Day Song, who quickly becomes bored, decides to go

outside and look around. A few hours pass and darkness falls. The three solars

examining the device are unable to determine exactly what it does, but they all agree that,

it’s only partially powered at the moment, and that it has a similar construction to what a

reality engine could have. This inclines Bjorn to believe that this device was brought

here to protect the town from whatever this black fog is. Bahn is more inclined to believe

that perhaps the device is responsible for the black fog, maybe as weapon of some sort.

Day Song, out wandering the streets when night falls, begins to see figures slink out of

buildings. He quickly hides. He sees dozens of the white scaled men begin to come out

of the buildings. His initial though is to burn down the town to kill them all, but

unfortunetly, there isn’t very much flammable material. Instead, he begins to run back to

the temple, singing a jaunty tune along the way (effectively leading the creatures back to

the temple as well). Day Song bursts though one of the skylights in the temple and

informs the group that the creatures are coming. Shadow bars the door and Bahn climbs

up on the roof. Bjorn decides now is the time that he will attempt to activate the

machine. After a few minutes, he realizes the machine is attempting to Shape him in

someway, so he decides to stop activating it. Looking down from the roof, Bahn sees the

creatures all gathering around the temple. He attempts to communicate with them but

receives no response. Suddenly, a huge 45ft golden snake strikes out at Bahn from the

peak of the roof. Bahn’s anima flares up as he spends essence to dodge the attack. The

burst of light instantanly frightens the pale creatures and they scatter into the shadows.

Bahn and the snake wrestle momentarily, but the snake gets away, throwing Bahn down

to the street below. Just then the door to the temple burst open and out jumps Day Song,

anima flaring, ready to battle. But, all the creatures are gone. Bahn and Day Song

proceed back inside. As they approach, Day Song’s anima, a swirling cloud of dust and

rock, begins to bounce stones off of the device. Bjorn tries to get Day Song to back

away, but Day Song acts difficult and eventually Bjorn storms out of the temple. An

argument ensues between the two. Suddenly Valis steps out of the shadows. He’s been

following the group the whole time, and hearing the argument, he limit breaks. Valis

instantly tries to take control of the situation, ordering the group to just grab the device

and bring it back to the boat. No one really agrees or disagrees. Roland walks over to

the device, and using his increasing strength exercise, he is able to pick the device up but

cannot walk with it. Bahn walks over and, pretending as if he will help, grabs one of the

hearthstone and removes it from the machine. He removes the other two as well and the

humming stops. Bahn then steps out side to see if this has had any effect on the situation,

but there is no change that he can see in the black mist or anything else. Valis, seeing

that no one will be taking any initiative, moves over and helps Roland with the device.

They slowly begin bringing it out of the building and back toward the boat. The trip back

to the boat is slow going, and takes a few hours. When the anima banners of the group

begin to fade, the pale creatures begin to come out of buildings again. But as soon as

Valis flares his anima back up, the scatter.

Back on the Jian Ri, Scar notices the glow of anima banner slowly making it’s way down

the streets back toward the docks. He sends his fang of Mosok to check it out. As soon

as the group of Mosok get out into the darkness, Scar hears the sounds of battle. He

begins to rally the rest of his men. Bahn, also hearing the sounds of battle up ahead,

takes off at sprint, in that direction. As he approaches, his anima again scares off the

creatures. Scar set his men up in a position to defect the dock and the ship. The rest of

the circle eventually arrives at the dock with the device.

RD: 5/11/2010

After the Anima’s fade again, the creatures mount another wave of attacks, and are again

fended off. It’s clear that they will keep attacking whenever they get the chance. The

circle decides that they will put the machine on the ship and sail out away from the city

until daylight.

GD: ?

The next morning the circle decides that Bahn will drop off Bjorn, Scar, Roland, and

Shadow at the city again, with the device and Bjorn will attempt to activate it. The Jian

Ri will sail outside the devices potential area of effect (3 miles out) and wait for 4 hours

before returning to pick them up again.

After being dropped off Bjorn starts to power up the machine. After about an hour of

pumping essence into it, the ground begins to shake. At that point, the pale creature

begin to come out of the building and circle around, though keeping their distance and

not attacking. Also, a bunch of the golden snakes show up daring to come a bit closer.

As the device begins to crescendo, some of the golden snakes leap forward to attack

Bjorn, however they are instantly dissipated by the effects of Scar’s wyld protection

bubble. Suddenly, reality itself begins to change. The remaining golden snakes begin to

rip open and morph into large crane like birds with knives for wings. The cranes lift

themselves into the air, and their wings begin to trail blood as they are cut by the air

itself, which has now transformed into glass powder. All of the buildings, and the ground

also becomes shiny and reflective, as if covered in glass. With that the device shuts


The pale creatures are unaffected by the shaping, however, they are now suffocating and

choking as they attempt to breath, but only inhale glass. The small bubble of protection

offered by scar’s charm did indeed protect the exalts from the shaping effect, however,

once this new transformation is set and becomes reality, the glass air begins to fill in the

void. The exalts quickly run towards the safety of the water, which was unaffected by the

transformation. Roland, using his increased strength, picks up the device and tosses it

into the water as well.

The group slowly makes their way out of the area of effect, underwater, safe from the

glass air. On the way back, Shadow notices some men and a dolphin, underwater, pulling

something. She decides to follow them for a while. After speaking with them (the think

she’s some type of squid spirit), she learns they’re from a community to the west that

collects stuff.

Bahn, having noticed the transformation is waiting for the groupe with the Jian Ri just

outside the sphere of glass air. When they arrive, they load the device on the Jian Ri and

head east to find shadow.

A discussion is had and they determine that it would be good to keep this device around

(Scar mentions it could be used as a weapon against Thorns, which is enough to convince

Valis we should keep it).

Eventually they find Shadow and she tells them about the guys. Bjorn has heard of them

and apparently these people scower the sea floor in search of first age treasures. That’s

plenty of reason for the circle to go check them out (and it’s on the way east).

RD: 5/18/2010

A few hours later they arrive in the the small city of the zal venesh.

Bjorn, Bahn, and Roland, head out to find the marketplace.

Scar, uses the Everyman armor, to pretend to be Tier (the snobby dragon blood).

B, B, and R find some old guys who offer to trade with them if they get them some more

drinks. Turns out these old guys are actually the gods of the city (the Zal Kalimente) and

they have the best stuff to trade.

Bahn trades his unused stuff to get the Kind edge daiklaive.

Bjorn trades something for a some sort of spirit communication device.

Roland trades knowledge about the wild bomb for a bag to hold his medical artifacts.

Scar trades something for a moonsilver shield and a perfected document.

RD: 5/25/2010

They leave the small city and make their way to the white river.

As they pass city they get stopped by patrols, and they are told to pay tax to pass

through. They use scar’s perfected document to convince the patrol that they have

already paid, and they are allowed to go about their way.

RD: 5/8/2010

They continue down the river, but only a day out, they realize that the river is getting

awefully shallow, and that they probably will not make it past IBlahblah. This setback

along with the other delays encountered along the way, put a severe time crunch on the

schedule. It seems the group would only have 1 week in whitewall if they want to get the

ship back up river, and over to malice bay.


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