The Blue Stalker


This is a first age sky ship in quality, but is a product of the Age of Sorrows. Roland designed it himself so it is unlike anything created before. It serves many rolls.

It is a covered vessel with crew quarters for 30, 10 individual berths, and space for transporting 125 soldiers in relative comfort. It can be “packed in” with a full lion (625) for very short journeys, but will quickly become uncomfortable.

Alternately, it can store 2 warstriders curled up in the fetal position or several tons (~20) of cargo.

It can also carry 2 warstriders on its underside, provided it does not land. This is intended to deposit them in battle, but Roland assures you they can be carried ‘forever’ if need be. But this affects its maneuverability and speed.

It does have mountings for 2 weapons systems, Dan determines if there are weapons.
It requires a crew of 25 (unless it is wired for a single solar pilot). And needs a maintenance crew of at least 3 skilled artificers to keep it running.

It also has a galley and small forge (not a full workshop, but more than a blacksmiths shop).
It cruises at a speed of 50 mph, but can reach up to 100 mph. (A stormwind rider travels at 100 mph).

It requires maintenance every 840 hours of operation (about 1/month of constant use) but the engineers on board can prevent this with perpetual maintenance.

The Blue Stalker

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