The Rothari are a band of wild mutants who have taken to viewing Rothah Kinsogo with a great deal of reverence. Of all the Exalted, he was the only one to make an active effort to work with their people.

All members of the Rothari are Wyld Mutants that breed true. All possess the following merits: o unusual hide (green fur); ooooo poisoned body (their blood is a powerful poison); and ooo chameleon (their fur can change color).

Some members have other mutations, but these are the ones that hold true.

The defining belief of the Rothari is that strength and skill at arms makes a male “real”. Among females “real” is defined by your willingness to serve others. They see Rothar as the “most real” among them as he is both strong and serves. Both men and women in this culture think the other sex is foolish.


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