Tiger Flood

Champion of Champoor


Always with the silly god damn hats. Tiger Flood isn’t a pretty lady, maybe she was once but not any more…don’t get me wrong. Shes ‘okay’ but her nose has been broken too many times. And she’s always got a cut on her somewhere.

Okay, so maybe she has a chiseled body and maybe the fact she could break your face is sexy to some. But not me.

Though she knows how to work a crowd. She catches their eye, knows what will win them over. She’s a hell of a showman. Maybe that’s why she always has a silly hat.

Still, if she wore some armor she wouldn’t get so beat up. What’s left of her looks isn’t long for this world at this rate.


No one really knows where she is from. But she showed up in the underground fighting clubs of Champoor and within a month was the Champion. This has caught the eye of Tenepeshu and now she serves as part time enforcer for the queen of Champoor.

Tiger Flood

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