Ruler of Champoor


For all her size and might, Tenepeshu is a graceful creature. Her scales are the black and opal of night dark sea, her eyes the piercing green of the lush jungle flora. Her body glides like silk on glass, and her claws are deft enough to handle delicate instruments and produce the most elegant calligraphy. Her voice is sultry and inviting, her conversation insightful and delightful.


The dragon Tenepshu holds the post of censor, making her responsible for investigating misconduct in the spirits courts of the Dreaming Sea. She once served in Yu Shan, but was recently assigned to oversee the Dreaming Sea. While this isn’t ideal, she is making the best of the situation.
Many people offer her direct worship and while she discourages this publicly it does not seem to impact the offerings. Many believe she is corrupt and favors the supplicants of Champoor over the other residents of the Dreaming Sea.
She resides in a massive ivory palace atop the highest hill in Champoor. Her sanctum is the unofficial center of the city’s government.


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