Captain of the "Sol Ascendant" [First Age Airship]


“Bahn Westman” Dipak Bāhan Pravar

Ship – Jiàn Ri (originally named Aditya by the Linthas).

Bahn was born Dipak Bāhan Pravar to parents Giro Pravar and Mryssa Pravar on the small

island of Mierpuax (pop. 1000). Giro was a very successful merchant and keen businessman.

Giro and his wife moved to Mierpuax 2 years before Bahn’s birth. Giro started a small metal

workshop, manufacturing harpoons, hooks, anchors and other fishing and sailing equipment. His

business prospered, despite the islands small size, and in turn this brought additional business to

the other shops on the island. However, the additional wealth also attracted and increasing

number of raiders and pirates to the island.

Growing up Bahn was always intrigued by the sea. His father, despite his knowledge of fishing

and sailing equipment, had little love for the sea. He did not indulge Bahn’s dreams. Bahn spent

many days alone on the docks, watching the ships come and go. Occasionally he was able to

help load supplies, or perhaps gut a fish if one of the old fishermen needed a laugh. However,

when Giro was appointed governor, he forbid Bahn from spending time on the docks as he did

not feel it was appropriate or safe.

During Bahn’s 8 th year, after a series of violent raids on the island, 3 Lintha ships arrived in port.

The admiral insisted to speak with the governor. Giro met with him and he expressed the Lintha’s

desire to occasionally use the island for a waypoint and meeting place. Giro of course would not

voluntarily accept this, but the admiral assured him that this would bring safety and security to the

island. Their presence would “dissuade future raids” as he put it, implying that they may have

been responsible for the latest rash of incidents. All that was needed from the island was to

ignore the Lintha’s activities. Giro begrudgingly accepted. When the ships had arrived, Bahn had

noticed them pull into port. When the admiral and his entourage arrived at his home to speak

with his father, he was intrigued. He sat in the rooms as the pleasantries were exchanged and

while the conversation began. He remarked to himself the he had never seen any pirate that

acted so civilly or dressed so finely. As the discussion went on, his father began to get angry.

Bahn had not noticed the admirals veiled threats and was confused as to why his father was

being so rude. Bahn tried to interject, but his father cut him short and forced him to leave. When

the pirates left his home to return to their ships, Bahn followed them down to the docks. Just

before the admiral boarded his ship, Bahn stepped up and asked him what it would take to join

the crew. The admiral chuckled and looked him over. “You are quite a stout boy, however, I fear

that you take after you’re father and will not show us the respect we are due.” With that the

admiral boarded and the ships pulled away from dock.

Soon, the raids came to an almost complete stop. Lintha ships would arrive, perhaps one a

month. They would purchase supplies, sometimes they would “Borrow” the tavern for an evening

to hold meetings, putting out all guests and employees save the barkeep and wench. The

islanders kept to themselves when the ships were docked, avoiding the crews and never asking

questions. They knew how they had come upon this new safety. Bahn however would always

slip away from home when the ships arrived and go to the docks. He would offer help to the

crews anyway he could. He would routinely speak to the Captains when they came ashore,

always addressing them very formally and asking if they needed any crew. Most just laughed him


When Bahn was 10, two Lintha ships arrived. Again Bahn assisted the crew in loading supplies.

That evening as one of the captains left his ship for the tavern, Bahn approached him. It was

Captain Carrel; Bahn had spoken with him a year prior when his ship had docked here for

supplies. He now talked to him again, insisting that he was ready to join a crew and that the

captain should allow him. Carrel brushed him aside telling him that they had a full crew and

entered the tavern.

The next morning when Bahn went back to the docks he found his father there along with a

couple of the larger men of the island. They had one of the crew in shackles, and they were

speaking with the same captain that Bahn had spoken to the night before. During night the crews

had a large drunken bash and the tavern had caught fire and burned to the ground. The shackled

crew member was accused of forcibly taking a young girl. As Bahn walked down the wharf to the

dock, Giro was yelling at Captain Carrel about the punishment for the crewmember and about

payment for the tavern. The captain stood calmly on the dock and disagreed. He would not allow

the man to be left on the island for punishment, and he would not pay for the tavern. As Bahn

reached the dock Giro punched the captain. Quick as lightning, bows were drawn on deck.

Carrel drew his sword and put it to Giro’s neck. Bahn ran forward and shouted for him. The

captain noticing this hesitates. “It looks like we have an opening in the crew. If you’re still ready

to join, get on board, we’re shovin’ off.” Bahn has the instant and irresistible desire to board the

ship. He begins to move forward, past his father toward the gangplank. Giro shouts no and

reaches out for Bahn, but the captain presses the sword harder on his neck. Without a word or a

glance back, as if in some trance, Bahn walks past them all up onto the ship and below deck.

The captain drops his sword from Giro’s neck. “Execute this man for his crimes. He deserves his

punishment.” And then with a smirk, he tosses a bag of money at him. “We won’t be around this

way in quite a while, hopefully that will cover the tavern.” With that the captain turned and

boarded the ship. The men with bows remained fixed on Giro and his men while the ship shoved

off and set sail.

Years pass and Bahn quickly learns the art of sailing, and the art of piracy. After 3 years there is

a mutiny. Carrel is spared and he and crew are marooned on an island. Luckily a merchant ship

happens by the island. When the merchants come to shore, they are murdered and the crew

takes the ship. They sail to Blue Haven, where Bahn finds a new ship to crew for. Being young

and skilled Bahn has no troubles finding a spot as a seaman on a new ship. For the next few

years he serves on a number of ships. At the age of 19 he is offered the position of proerusman

aboard the Aditya. He quickly gains the respect of the crew. He is promoted to proerus in 5 years

when the former proerus is killed during an encounter with a realm warship. The ship is

extremely profitable and known for being a force to be reckoned with.

In the year Bahn turns 25, the realm sets up an ambush for a Lintha ship. The ship had been

raiding guild supply ships running to an important mining city. The guild intercepts a

communication that the ship will be meeting another captain and restocking in Mierpaux. When

the ship arrives, the harbor is surrounded by war ships. They capture all the crew of the Lintha

ship and execute their captain in the middle of town square. Then the troops leave.

The captain that was executed, as it happens, is the brother of Captain Carrel, the man Bahn had

been entranced by all those years ago. Carrel, now an admiral, is naturally upset and demands

revenge. He assumes that someone in Mierpuax had informed the guild of the ship at their


At this time, the Aditya docks at Blue Haven. Minutes later Carrel shows up at the docks and

speaks with Bahn's Captain. They converse for only a few moments and then the captain returns

to the ship, obviously upset, followed by Carrel. “The Aditya and the Cantria have a task.

Admiral Carrel is in charge of the mission, and he will be personally commanding of the Aditya.”

With that the captain turns and leaves the ship. Carrel speaks, informing them that there has

been a betrayal by one of their protected islands, and that the task is to quell the uprising.

As the Lintha ships draw near to the harbor, they open fire and destroy the ships in the harbor.

By time they pull into the dock, as small force (200 men, all the island can muster) has gathered

in the square. As the pirates from both ships pour into the square and begin to engage the

islanders, Bahn freezes as he realizes that they are on his home island. The battle is short as the

islanders surrender. Their force is well out matched by the experienced pirate crews. As Bahn

looks over the surrendering men he begins to recognize faces of those he once knew. When the

situation is under control, Carrel comes down to the square. He looks over the surrendered and

asks who it was that betrayed the islands agreement with the Lintha. The leader of the small

force speaks, saying that there was no betrayal. The captain swiftly beheads three of the

captives, one of whom Bahn used to know. Bahn steps forward, “Admiral, perhaps there was no

betrayal”. The admiral spins about quickly, hitting Bahn’s face with the back of his fist, “Someone

is responsible for my brother’s death!”. The admiral then orders all of the surrendered executed.

Bahn draws his sword and takes a swing at the admiral, but again the admiral is too quick and

parries his blow. He comes across Bahn’s temple with the side of his blade, knocking him out.

Some of the Aditya crew hesitates at this, men that have grown close to Bahn, and who have

come to respect him. The admiral yells at them to get moving.

When Bahn awakes he is shackled. He looks around and sees that all of the surrendered men

have been killed. As regains his senses, he sees some of the pirates coming down the lane with

two hostages. When they are closer, Bahn realizes they are his parents. The admiral begins

yelling and questioning Giro about the betrayal. Giro of course has no answers, and tries to insist

no one on the Island was responsible. Admiral, “Well, we will insure that this will never happen

again, won’t we.” And he orders the island burned to the ground and everyone killed. The pirates

begin moving, but again some of the Aditya’s crew hesitates. The admiral says "there will be

punishment for any that disobey" and he draws his pistol and shoots Bahn’s mother between the

eyes. Bahn screams out for his mother. The admiral turns, and he has a sudden realization. He

remembers who Bahn is. He turns and looks at Bahn, putting his sword to Giro’s neck, “I believe

we’ve been here before! This time papa, I’ll let you say you’re goodbyes.” Then Carrel slowly

raises his sword back. Giro looks at Bahn then raises his eyes to the sky. The noonday sun

blazes high above. Through the din of jeering pirates Bahn faintly hears his father say a prayer.

Carrel swings his blade down, and in the instant that Giro’s head is removed, Bahn turns away.

Suddenly, all is silent. Opening his eyes, Bahn sees soft green grass, waving in a warm

breeze. He looks up and sees the light of the sun, reflecting brightly off the water of a

large gold and crystalline fountain, polished to mirror sheen. Bahn finds himself kneeling

in the center of a courtyard. Along its walls stand many statues of white marble. The

statues are of people, each wearing a golden crown with the symbol of a full sun on their

brow. Looking them over, he sees a warrior, a priest, a minstrel, a farmer, and a

courtesan. As he studies the statues he begins to feel that while they may be statues of

different people, they are all connected in someway. Each statue seems to have the

same aura, the same presence, the same gleam in its eyes…

Before Bahn can rise from his knees, a voice echoes down from the sky. The water in

the fountain ripples, with every word, causing waves of reflected sunlight to dance around

the courtyard.

“Child, know that prayers do not fall on deaf ears. Your family has been wrongly accused

and unjustly slaughtered. I have looked into your mind and I see a fierce desire for

justice. This I could provide to you. However, I have also looked into your soul, and I

see within an even greater capacity for compassion left yet untapped. It is for this reason

that I come to you now.

Long ago my family…my children, were also slaughtered. And to this day, the shrouded

force responsible has endeavored to prevent their return. It spreads lies in the guise of

religion, painting my children as demons, alienating them keeping them from their rightful

standing. These lies are all in the effort to maintain a rule of law they set into motion, in

direct opposition of the true way.

Only with a firm hand, providing equal measure of justice and compassion, will creation

be brought to see the truth through the lies.

I have chosen you to be that hand.

I have chosen you to be one of my children.”

In that instant, the light from the sun over head intensifies. Bahn feels a warmth,

strength, and purpose he has never known before. The courtyard begins to wash away

in light, and as it does Bahn looks back into the waters of the fountain. Just before the

sunlight consumes all, Bahn notices a gleam in the eyes of his reflection; the same that

he saw in the eyes of the statues…

Before Giro’s head hits the ground, there is a loud eruption and Bahn is engulfed in a pillar of

blinding sunlight. The pirates stop in their tracks. The light around Bahn begins to swirl into a

mighty hurricane with the burning sun at its eye. Bahn slowly stands seeming to grow massive.

He bursts free from his bonds, and leaps through the air, coming down upon Carrel with a

ferocious punch that crushes most of his ribs. Of the pirates loyal to Carrel, some flee in fear,

and others continue to stand awestruck. Those able to overcome the fear, move to attack Bahn,

but the kubernets of the Aditya, Bahn’s good friend turns to face them. 20 more of the Aditya’s

crew follow suit. The wind swirls and the light beats down hard upon the admiral as Bahn leans

down and grabs him by the hair. In a mighty voice Bahn says "board the Cantria and leave this is

island now and you will be spared". Carrel yells to his crew "We will send this island back to the

deep! Kill him!" Before the crew can take another step, Bahn stomps down upon the Carrel’s

collar bone while pulling up on his hair, removing his head from his spine and the rest of his body.

He turns to the again stunned crew. "The Cantria, go", and he tosses the head to the captain of

the Cantria. The pirates instantly dash back to the Cantria and shove off as soon as wind will fill

their sails, leaving many of the slower crew to swim out into the ocean after the ship. Bahn turns

back to his dead parents and falls to his knees. He grasps his parents’ hands and begins to cry.

Seconds later the bodies burst into flame and disintegrate. The kubernets approaches and lays a

hand on Bahn’s shoulder "captain".

Bahn looks up, "How many are still alive Jarred?"

"Not many, maybe 500".

"We will bury the dead and then escort the survivors to Hald. It's not safe for them here"

They bury the dead and get all the islanders who will leave (most everyone) on board a ship.

They escort the ships to Hald. When they arrive, Bahn registers the ship at the dock as the Jiàn

Rì. They only stay long enough to restock the ship as they do not want to endanger the city or


They head out into the sea. The ship had little cargo on it and so the supplies they purchased

drained their available funds. Since they would not be able to stay in one place to long, regular

work was out of the question, it was obvious that they would need to continue with piracy. Bahn

insisted that they only target other pirates, particularly the Lintha.

During their two years on the sea attacking Lintha vessels, the Lintha continually upped their

efforts to catch them, even offering rewards for information. But Bahn and his crew were

successful, and had collected a large amount of wealth. They were quick to share with local

communities and thus information about their movements was scarce. Eventually the pressure

from the Lintha became too intense and Bahn decided that it was time to lie low, outside of Lintha

territory. He allowed off any crew that wanted to stay and rewarded them for their service. Those

who wished to continue sailed east. Bahn knew that they would have to find some other way to

sustain themselves. Piracy would draw unwanted attention near the more populated places of

the Realm. He decided they would head for Nexus invest what money they could (a nest-

egg/retirment fund for his loyal crew) and find work.

Khatar – Bahn’s khatar came into his possession nearly a year after his exaltation. He, and the

crew of the Jian Ri, set themselves on a lintha ship in open water. The ship, it turned out, was

captained by one of Carrel’s former officers, a dragon-blooded, that Bahn had never liked. He

had also learned from his crew that the man had been especially brutal during the attack of

Mierpuax. The siege of the dragon-blooded’s ship was going poorly, and Bahn had become

locked in a duel with the man. Running out of tricks, Bahn was making his last stand when luck

turned his way. The man, wielding the Orichalcum and yellow Jade khatar, took a mighty swing

for Bahn’s head. Diving out of the way, the man instead connected with the main mast of his own

ship. The power of the khatar and the fierceness of the blow was easily enough to shatter the

mast, bringing it down on top of the man himself and a number of his crew. With their captain

slain, the rest of the Lintha crew was quickly defeated and the day was won. Bahn took the

khatar from the dead dragon-blooded. Later, Bahn would recount he swore that the khatar had

somehow warned him of the pending blow, and seemed to intentionally seek out the mast of the

ship over his head…


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