Solars Wake

Renshu's Recollection - Verdant Life

In searching for the green-furred barbarians, Rothah and I split from the others and were ambushed; Rothah was overwhelmed. While escaping, I heard the sounds of combat, and head towards it to find the rest of the party fighting the barbarians as they hide in trees. Leaping forward, I unleash flames from my firewand, causing most of the feral beings to flee. The one who doesn’t back off, charges at me with his club, and in retaliation, I level my firewand at his chest point-blank, and incapacitate the man.

As the battle continues, another mob of fur-men target me with their arrows, forcing me to cover, unfortunately it wasn’t quite enough, as an arrow found its way through the trees, and poison began seeping through my veins…I had the wherewithal to reload my weapon before my conscious faded.



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