Solars Wake

Renshu's Recollection - Souls of Steel

As the doors to the stasis room close, we discuss our next plans. We set up a patrol to guard the area, and I head to the Enginorium while the others head to the other Solars to determine anything regarding the Temple of Mihat and the Tyrant Queen.

At the Enginorium, I speak with Nomak, and explain what we encountered within the stasis room, explaining that the entire room seems to be serving the Tyrant Queen, and that I wished to study the Enginorium to determine if we can find where power may be going to power that stasis pod.

We learn that there’s a fail-safe, when 100 pods remain, all will come to, and the doors will open. It also seems that the conduits to the stasis room was failing, as the Engionrium itself was providing enough power. It also seems that Ice Mind used to run the Enginorium, and has been fully removed to run the stasis room.

Horus and Rothah enter the enginorium, and state that the other circle knew of the Tyrant Queen rumor, and that if Scar was to know about the statis room that only he is supposed to open, he will take it for himself (it’s believed that he’s an incarnation of Mihat). Gom seems to think that we overall need to take this very seriously. Finally, we have to decide if we want to deal with this ourselves, or we conveign the other solar circle and bring them into the fold. They ask for my vote.

Mohato comes into the room, with a few people following him. Nomak moves over to him and they argue, while the others continue to move about their work. Rothah moves over to mediate. Mohato is provides a very passionate claim that he needs to be down here in order to provide the artifacts the city needs to continue generating for the commerce of Rathess. I’m brought over to help bridge the gap between the two. Rothah eventually has enough, and states that Mohato has to leave; I walk with Mohato a while and inform him that I’ll do what I can to keep the artificers going.

I abstain from the vote put before me in notifying the other circle. Tepet and Rothah move to find Porfirio, and then we head back to the stasis chamber to attempt to see if we had missed something. As the door opens, Porfirio moves to smash the stasis chamber of Darrish Six-claw, however Rothah stops him. Ice Mind confirms our exultation, and we discuss with him. Tepus inspects the area around the fallen automaton, and calls us over. Porifrio mentions that the entire room is made out of Soulsteel – the theories of Soulsteel are: It’s made from ghosts, and their souls are bound into the material, and thus manifests in the metal. No one is currently aware on how one can forge Soulsteel.

Darrish Six-claw, steps down, and states that he will speak for us; Ice Mind is able to channel the voice of the spirit. We learn that the Tyrant Queen is a Lunar exalted. We learn that the terrestrial circle came here to hunt her, but made an agreement with the Tyrant Queen that both her and the circle would enter slumber, and when she awoke, they would follow her. We learn that she is within a stasis pod within this chamber. The Tyrant Queen was sworn to the blade Warsong. We learn the passphrase to open all activate all stasis cells is “Warsong calls”.



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