Solars Wake

Renshu's Recollection - Slumber No Longer

Over the next couple of days, we discussed and deliberated our intentions and find Daysong gathering breakfast with us lets us know that Scar is returning soon. We split apart and go about different tasks.

I spend a good amount of time working through Mahato’s list. Eventually, Porfirio arrives and speaks to Mahato about getting salt for containing ghosts, and receives a requisition. We bring the salt down outside the door to the Stasis chamber. I head to the Enginorium to assist with tasks while waiting for the rest of the circle to arrive. While working through Enginorium tasks, Vin arrives and begins asking Nomak about music leading ghosts away from by playing the /snarlbang/. We head down to the statis chamber, and Vin explains the concept of an exorcism.

As we arrive to the stasis chamber, we hear machinery, and Porfirio has circled his location in salt, and the stasis chambers began opening. Vin confronts Horus, and Horus states that there was not much in the way of options. I send a guard to tell Nomak that power will be fully restored to the Enginorium within an hour, and dragon kings will awaken soon. Darrish Six-claws manifests to thank Horus, and then yells “Deathguard!” With that, all of the expired dragon kings form up along the aisle. Darrish Six-claws states that once the thawing process completes, Ice Mind would be able to be disconnected. Porfirio runs up to tell Gom, and rushes back.

After enough time, the pods finally allow some of the individuals to wake, and the first to do so is the earth-aspected dragon blooded. An Imperial, named Nelan Testar, appears stating that he received notification from a member of the Lotus that something has been happening.

A massive anklok awakens, asks the year, and begins attempting to awaken the other dragon kings. Vin introduces the circle to the anklok, who introduces himself as Stonebreaker, commander of her Majesty’s army – in life, and in death. He’s told that the Solars and the Dragon King rule Rathess, and then speaks to Horus and greets him as a friend would. He refers to Horus as Mihat. As the dragon blooded awaken and appear defeated, however Vin brings Nelan to the conversation, and he reassures them that Rathess has become a home for dragon-blooded.

All of the dragon kings kneel, and all of us, except for Porfirio. Stonebreaker is obviously miffed, and takes a mouse from his armor. The mouse begins transforming into a woman with a weapon that appears to mirror Warsong. She sees that Porfirio is not kneeling, and glares at him.

She speaks, “So times have change. The disease has passed, though it lingers in pockets. But Solars walk the earth again.” She then asks the dragon-blooded if they will honor their oath. Each of them state that they will honor it. She then goes to Stonebreaker, honoring his service for protecting her for all the years. She then goes to Darrish Six-claws, paying him honor for being the first to give his life. As she mentioned “Serve in Death, serve in life”, and the death guard respond in kind. She then asks Ice Mind if he fulfilled his tasks, when confirms, she allows him to return to his previous functions.

Finally, she comes to our circle, and looks at Horus, and asks if he’s Mihat. He states that Mihat’s essence has been reincarnated, and the Unconquered Sun led him to this place, with the only path being to free her. She states that Battle Cry has been long without its mate, as she draws her weapon. She seems to not fully trust Horus, however he explains that he will soon have the blade. He states that he will get the daiclave back and leaves.

The Tyrant Queen touches the automaton, and it begins repairing itself, and then the queen and her procession begins to follow. I await Ice Mind to lower itself to be able to disconnect it. I head to the Enginorium with Ice Mind.



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