Solars Wake

Renshu's Recollection - Dormant Dragon Kings

After seven days, of studying, we enter the Enginorium and begin to open and clean up the Enginorium.

The Dragon Kings allow me to attune the Enginorium to myself, and then socket it into my firewand.

While spending time with the dragon kings, I learn that they worship Lieta.

As we examine up the Enginorium, we learn that all of the power is being routed to a certain octet, and it is theoretical that that room is generating power to many stasis pods. The room was sealed off in the midst of the great contagion. We take a couple of days to establish our plan of heading to the powered room, and bring Gom, Gavin, and a small army of dragon kings with us as we delve into the sub-levels. We travel slowly through the lower levels, until we find a locked room. Porifio comes to the lock, and attempts to find the trick at opening it, as I help him with attempting to reform the tools and keep the lock from breaking. As the door is opened, the tunnel we’re in begins to shake. We discover that the door we opened was 10 feet thick of metal. We’re greeted by dim crystals providing illumination, revealing a large circular space with a statue of tyrant lizard, and stasis pods ring the bleachers around the arena. The dragon kings with us drop to their knees in reverence of the sheer number potential first-age dragon kings. As I examine the pods, I see that the dragon kings seem to be in a desecated and mummified state. I shift my perception to the world of the spirits and see hundreds of them staring vacantly towards the center of the room. The tyrant lizard statue falls, and a voice makes itself known; it demands, “Passcode”. I attempt to ask Gom about tyrant lizards in the age of contagion, however he seems to terrified to speak. The disembodied voice states “Operation failed”, and the doors begin to close. We all attempt to close as Vin stares into the room and demands that the doors do not close. Vin begins to glow, and as the light gets brighter, scrolls containing many languages seem to appear and unfurl from no where. The room begins conversing and names itself as “Ice Mind”. In the mean time, all of the spirits begin chanting and hitting their chest in a form of salute. “Sworn in Life, Sworn in Death.” Enthralled by the form of solidarity, I begin moving towards the center of the room. As Vin continues giving commands to the Ice Mind, he learns that the Tyrant Queen had secured some information. We also learned that some individuals were terminated through the stasis pods as they were lesser members of the Tyrant Queen’s court. He states the key is presumed in the Tomb of Mihat, which is a giant daiclave, which appear to be the same as Warsong, known as Scar’s daiclave. We discuss and deliberate. I am quite resistant to do anything which would awake any of the dragon kings. We think closing the room would be best for now. We survey the working apparatus, and about 200 pods are active, 5 contain non-dragon kings, and appear to be terrestrial exalted, one of each aspect. All seem to be armored and armed with obsidian artifacts. Ice Mind needs some sort of Exalted to issue commands. As we were closing the doors behind us, I spotted Darrish Six-claw, and he seemed disappointed…



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