Solars Wake

Renshu's Recollection - Diving Deeper

As we continue towards the center of the octad, we notice the water is getting warmer, which makes us need to exert more. Thinking on it, the layout of the way we’ve gone doesn’t seem to make sense to Human minds; it’s chaotic in the architecture. We see that the location seems more ornate as we continue on. Rothah begins to move to open one of the ornate doors, and I am able to convey to him through pantomiming that opening doors with the water will ruin much of what is in the room; he seems to agree and moves away. We continue forward, the water gets warmer, and we see roiling water ahead. As we push through the roiling, we find that it’s coming from a tube on the 4th floor, and the water is scalding; this seems to be from the West side of the Academic octad. The water seems to be spraying out from some sort of basin, and the water appears to be under pressure.

While we’re on the surface, we take out our breathers to converse. Vin mentions that he would like to find the basin and determine what is causing the the basin; I agree, as trying to cross the boiling waterfall would be painful. We backtrack, and find another way to get on the otherside of the waterfall as a stronger current brings us to a nexus of 8 different paths out, one of which heads to the waterfall. Within these, we find that there are 8 obsidian points within this nexus area. Rothah wants to go with the current, but I believe it would lead us towards a drop. As we try to exit the nexus, Both Vin and Horus are pulled down a tube; Rothah hands me a rope and tells me to go help. I launch myself off of a wall and land in the water, attempting to catch up with Horus. I grab Horus as Vin goes past. Then, continuing on, I grab Vin, and Rothah begins pulling us all back. At that point, we see the crystal start floating under us; Vin and I let go to ensure we get the crystal as well.

We head down our side corridor, the current calms significantly. As we continue on our path, small eddies slightly pull us, and we find a sign that states “travel hub” and head that way. We find a tunnel that, when heading through, brings us down and then back up, and we’re only in knee deep water. As we’re exploring, we find an access stairway which goes both up and down. We begin heading up, and find our way to level 5, and then level 4, and see the that the stairwell continues to head up. On the 4th floor, we find our way to a cylindrical building; we enter and find ourselves in a dome with water all around, akin to a lake. Every 50 yards, a dragon statue covered with moss is spewing water into the basin; the water from the dragons are not hot, but the water within the basin is almost boiling. I begin shaping a bowl to carry a heat crystal. Horus takes a moment to steel himself, and dives in to the water. Shortly after that, we feel a presence enter our mind. Horus breaks the surface, glowing brightly, rolling the stone on to floor. I send my elemental to hold the stone, while a question enters all of our minds asking “How long have I slumbered”. A pale creature, with tentacles and a lamprey mouth and then states, “I’m so hungry. Who will give themselves to the leech god?” We then decided making a hasty retreat would be the most advantageous. I clear the link from my mind as the creature begins audibly shrieking.

After we feel safe, I investigate the stone, and come to the conclusion that it is most likely the hearthstone to the Enginorium. We discuss, and decide we want to inform the other circle about the Enginorium. We exit the sewers, enter the great pyramid and find Roland. He states that he’ll send messages out to the other circle. I take out our books and begin to mend them, and after a while, we bring the the hearthstone and repaired books to the dragon kings; we find a book about martial arts, a sorcerous tome, and a book depicting information about the dragon king’s crystal tech. Their excitement is palpable, however they feel it would take 8-12 weeks before they are ready to turn on the Enginorium, as they need to determine which parts would be safe to activate. They also are interested at securing a path to the Enginorium when they discover a leech god had survived, they became somewhat fearful, and surmised that the intense heat causes them to slumber.



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