Solars Wake

Renshu's Recollection - An Accord Reached

I awake to a kiss from a radiant woman, with flowing green hair, and flesh seemingly consisting of wood. The green-furred individuals and other Rathess villagers disperse while the woman heads to her throne. I believe that she may be a fey-folk, and introduces herself as Iris.

Iris states that she was at Rathess prior to the Solars, and if the Solars claim of ownership was based on conquest, then her ownership of the slaves is based on something similar. The solars previously treated with the fey-folk to defeat the Goblin King and extricate him from the city, however the Solars did not uphold their end of the bargin: fey-folk were promised the ability to feed on individuals; the fey-folk took much of them, sapping their personalities and ability to think or feel, and so, she was exiled. Iris believes that we were sent as a weapon to kill her as the other Solars have made a deal to not harm her.

Iris states simply that she wishes to return to Rathess and feed as much as she wishes. Horus takes issue with that, and states that conflict must take place, however she turns to Porfirio and states that she would be unable to win should we fight, and he acquiesces that combat is not necessary now.

We continue discussing, and believe that allowing the fey to feed on an condemned individuals, those who are sentenced to die right before their execution.

The original agreement:
The fey will be allowed to live and feed in Rathess if they help overthrow Filleal Wisdom. The stipulations are that they may not severely injure anyone and they cannot feed on anyone who does not willingly allow it. The fey would be allowed to live safely within Rathess. This agreement can only be modified by three solars of Rathess.

The addendum agreement:
In addition, the fey will be allowed feed to excess on individuals who are lawfully condemned to death by the Solars of Rathess. Also, the fey do acknowledge that feeding to excess is seriously injuring individuals.

Vin comes out, obviously smitten by Iris, and sanctifies the new deal, and then wakes Rothah. All of the barbarians begin packing up, and the giant tree within camp gets up and begins moving as well, and they gradually begin integrating within Rathess.

Steve the courier provides us summons to meet with the leaders of Rathess, the blue haired man in golden armor, and the scarred man in red armor. They wish that death would have been provided to Beguiling Iris to reduce the headache, however it’s made known that they at least they acknowledge the rule of the Solars; solars of Rathess decide when execution is permitted for feeding. Bahn states that he wants us to help shape Rathess, but technically, the city is ruled by the Dragon Kings, and plenty of politics are at work.

Horus eventually storms off due to the cluster-fuck that is current Rathess rulership, and Bahn suggests that both circles meet to discuss goals and plans for Rathess to ensure that both circles are able to determine the best way to segregate tasks, and have better understandings for fewer disagreements



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