Solars Wake

Renshu's Recollection - A City Below

We are directed to meet with the dragon kings at the observatory for direction to explore the underbelly of Rathess. The outskirts of the Library district is a few unfinished buildings which appears to be book stores, and other scriveners, but as we enter further, the services are much more intellectual. There’s a make-shift wall of about 8’ to most likely ward off things at night. Light crystals are prevalent. The denizens appear to be self-important with either flowing robes, or armor of obsidian.

Many ardent criers are in the area, spouting philosophical, or religious ideals, which seem to be based around the Unconquered Sun. The humans and dragon kings are much more interspersed. The observatory is a long domed structure with a low flat building which seems to be the entry. As we enter, an anklok dragon king stops us, stating that none enter without a new book, however we state that we were here to mention we were here to see Gom and Nomak; we need to flash our solar sigils in order to gain entry. All others are providing books to a clerk which seems to be logged. As we actually enter, the area appears to be a vaulted library, with very few books lining the walls.

We are led through the building where a dozen dragon kings are in conference with a giant apparatus with orbs spinning around it which appears to be from the first age. The conversation peters out as we approach the group. An anklok approaches stating that he is Gom. A heavily feathered raptok in flowing robes is Nomak. Nomak states that he has been petitioning for the sewers to be cleared for some time. We’re told that there are many dangers, and many opportunities in the bowels of the city. Great care should be taken to not injure the unawakened dragon kings; ideally, they should be rendered unconscious and returned to them if possible.

We are led to a table which contains many scrolls. A map is laid out, and Nomak mentions that he is wakened from the first age. There are stasis chambers which we should not interact with, but should be noted for the dragon kings to investigate later. Also, if hearthstones are found, we should bring them back as well as they have lost the key to the Enginorium – the manse at the core of the city which powers all of the devices. As we go deeper underground, things get more and more dangerous – the first 2 levels have been explored thoroughly. There are 8 levels under the surface; level 3 and 6 are tram tunnel levels. Overall, being able to return books, artifacts and knowledge of some sort would be of great benefit. Gavin, a tall and very handsome man, is to be our guide to below.

On our way out, we find Rothah arguing with an ardent crier, but then follows us. We’re brought to a building which is where our entrance will be, and given packs with exploration materials (a berry/stone paste is used to paint the walls of pictographs as they glow in the dark). Gavin comes to a wall, and he and Rothah expand it which brings us to one of the tubes, which would be usable to allow cars to traverse the city. As Rothah and Horus climb down, I summon an elemental and bind it to myself. The elemental takes the form of a waist-high bi-pedal lizard and the flames appear to form horns and plates down its back.

The hole we dropped through was about 5 feet thick, and the floor to ceiling is approximately 15 feet high, and the walls are about 10 feet wide. We find ourselves in a T-intersection, with many doors/entry ways. As we go through door to door, I find a small Hotrah nest. Overall, we seem to be in some sort of shopping district. We do find some crystals, tracks of a large animal, and a passage leading further down. We continue to explore this level and find some doors that cannot be opened and some small items which are unknown.

I craft some sort of tapering key by willing it to fill the hole, and through my desire, the door becomes unlocked. Inside, the room appears to be covered in vines, and there is a faint light further in. The room is about 30′ × 50′ which is completely overgrown. Some dragon king bones litter about, but the light is a crystal which is in a small bowl filled with water. Rothah touches the water, and then the crystal, and then removes the crystal from the pool. Horus cuts away some of the vines of the basin to find that it is affixed to the floor.

We then head lower down into the sewers. The tracks leading lower appear to actually be a pack of Raptoks (apparently called a Giggle). As we get down to the next level, water appears to be about shin high. I dismiss my elemental as we continue exploring. The doors tend to be smaller on this level, and are often shut. This appears to be more residential. I get the sense that we are not alone down here. We find a hole that appears to go further down to level 6, and the water from 6 is warmer than the water on the current level. Horus wishes to go down and I mention the vine-breather before diving down, and then Rothah follows; I then hear hissing and splashing. Horus and Rothah come up, and coax me to go down. I take a great breath, and jump in, and then struggle to put the breather after swallowing a small amount of water.

On the 6th level, we feel a slight current. We follow the current, as we float through this tunnel level. Rothah opens a door and is sucked in as pressure brings him there, which seemed sealed against the elements; we find some books and crystals we throw into our sacks. We continue on, and my understanding of the architecture thus far is that we need to head further to the center to try and find the way down.



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