Solars Wake

Renshu's Recollection - Venn Diagram

After working at the forge for days, Tepet Horus called a quick meeting with myself and Vin Bahlis to discuss our own goals we wish to accomplish before meeting the current rulers of Rathess. Vin states that he’s pretty overwhelmed with the opportunity and prospects within Rathess, and states he wishes to protect the city, and see it flourish. Tepet states he wishes to extend the reach of Rathess through conquest of the neighboring cities. I claimed that my loyalties still lie with Lookshy, although now through Rathess, primarily to end the threat of the Thorns. Overall, we agree that we wished to help Rathess prosper through war, diplomacy or infrastructure. Rothah eventually joins the meeting. He comes in stating that he wishes to get more people into the fold of Rathess.

We then went on to the pancake breakfast in which all of the solars of Rathess were in attendance, as well as the armored bear, Restive Glacier. After some small talk and breakfast, Bjorn begins business. He states that the oaths created by the original circle were not intended for an additional circle, and while modifying all of the oaths was possible, but if Rathess is intended to be a successful city, all solars must be able to participate in the governence, however all oaths would need to ensure that the other solars were not shorn out. After much deliberation, we decide that the number of 3 solars will remain, as long as no solars will block out the others.

We then move on to what we are looking to achieve, and explain some of the desires we wish to accomplish. Scar states that he doesn’t think conquest makes sense due to 300 miles in any direction is tamed already. Valus thinks we should simply grind ourselves against the city of Thorns, however Scar states that having Lookshy and Thorns acts as a bulwark from the rest of the Realm to not march against us. Scar wishes to finish a road to Nexus for better trade infrastructure, and access to be more mobile, and to bring the rest of the Dragon Kings to Rathess, however Rothah wishes to strike out to something new. Roland states that finding artifacts and raw material from tombs or unexplored locations, however Rothah wishes to inspire people. Roland then talks about the trade deals for Nexus, and Rothah states he does not have the ability to treat like such, as he inspires the simple men. A final task of recruiting more Exalted to Rathess, as unaffiliated dragon-blooded will enter the fold. Most of the circle wishes to explore for lore and treasures. Porfirio and Valus will scout for a location which we are well suited for.

In the meantime, Gom and Nomak could use help in getting some of the un-enlightened Raptok to be handled.



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